Are we getting maps?

I don’t even care about any other updates for op4, I just need new maps. We’ve been begging for maps for MONTHS. I want new, never before played maps. Or at least like maps that haven’t been in every game. Like gears two DLC maps would be fine but I don’t need dry dock, speyer, blood drive, or anything I’ve played recently. IM SO BORED


What a rollercoaster this was.

But yes there will be “new” maps.

There should be in Op 4 but don’t really know if they’d be brand new and never seen before and not a reskin.

Lol I did leave out a very important “never” in there. You know what I mean though. Gimme something fresh

I’m willing to concede on old maps that weren’t played much. The Dark Corners DLC from goW2 was amazing. Memorial, highway, way station, all fathers garden, all GREAT maps. Even…grindyard I think it was called? Could have been good if it wasn’t soooo centered on holding that one middle position.

Otherwise gimme something fresh. I’m just so sick of the same maps. Glad there’s no gridlock. But I’ve had enough of foundation, dam, reclaimed, canals, etc.

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I liked Snowblind a lot from GoW2. Although the launch maps are still my favorite set in the series.

We’ll have to see what we are dealt for maps; possibly a new one with a remake from 4 if I had to guess.

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As much as I understand your frustration at not having any new maps, telling TC you want maps isn’t going to make the new maps come any faster. They are coming, rest assured, but be patient, especially with this quarantine and stay at home being in effect. It is unrealistic and unfair to expect new content as usual like nothing even happened after all this has been going on. In the meantime, perhaps your time and effort will be better spent creating polls and responses as to what maps the community seem to want the most from legacy maps, or maybe start drafting up or collecting ideas of possible future map themes or layouts that the community or you think are cool so we or you or whoever can let TC know what you or whoever thinks, and maybe it will get noticed and picked up upon. We don’t know what map(s) we’ll get next, but they have said they are in the works. Even though I’m sure thousands probably have the same thoughts as you, and I know being patient is hard, the most you and I can do for TC is just wait and try to be constructive where and when we can. Shouting at cars to move in a traffic jam isn’t going to make it free up. During work from home we need to cut them a little more slack than we usually give them (which doesn’t seem to be much). Game tuning is a bit of a different story (they’ve already done a nice job with the dev playlist and card changes) but when it comes to new content, the only thing that rushing will do is make it worse. We’ve seen that time and time again across all kinds of games.

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Surprised Hail never got a remake, its pretty much the only good Asymmetrical map Gears ever got…

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Such a fun map for Submission or Guardian

we’ll probably get 3 different versions of Gridlock, Overpass, and maybe Raven Down (replaced frags with overkills) before we ever see it remade though :cry:

TC sleeping on a gold mine of maps.

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Probably will get one new map and one old map from previous gears, knowing TC (Pahanu and canals is an example).

For everybody it will be the best option just to get maps from old gears games. Because TC don’t know how to create gears map, like they never played gears in there lives. Pahanu and bunker are two most stupid maps in gears history. And all fathers arena is just ok because all other maps are junk… No this is the thing, gears 4 maps are just way better then 5, Relic, Reclaimed, Foundation and Dam. It is like totally other studio was creating this maps.

If they would just release the multiplayer map maker…

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what was it actually supposed to be btw? Escape only maps or…?

What is the current window for them actually releasing this?

Also, how would it help with maps that player’s experience in matchmaking?

I know I’m asking you tons of questions but I seriously know very little about it.

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I’m glad you asked! I’m gonna make a video on it soon, but honestly they described it like the escape map maker, but I’m sure with more halo forge like features to mess with geometry. Idk if they’re having trouble actualizing it, but honestly what the escape map maker has done is very cool and I’m just hoping we can lay down cover where we want, change cover height and even be able to stack objects however we want. I want to see people step up and everyone take on certain maps like projects to help TC push out the content.

Not kidding. I wanna make the maps, for free, cause I love this franchise.

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I mean, I’m sure we can make better maps than some of the ones in Gears 5 currently (Pahanu, Bunker, Icebound, Vasgar)

I would absolutely love it if they gave me that ability, would give me something constructive to do for a change, instead of just whining all the time :joy:

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Let’s use it to make a better Pahanu! :grin:


This is actually very easy. Make the middle more labyrinth like, more trees…its like a bad version of bullet marsh honestly.

Bruh you had to bring up Trashanu didn’t you? :disappointed_relieved:

@Hindian How you gonna compare a map as awesome as Bullet Marsh to Trashanu? The only similarities is the jungle aesthetic, outside of that apples and oranges. I actually think the closest example would be Raven Down, but like, 5x the size :grin:

The most effective method I could think of to “fix” Pahanu would be to have a volcanic eruption, large sections of the map would be covered in lava, this would essentially reduce the size of the map and would just give the map more character, aside from that the map is probably destined to become the worst map in GOW history (MP wise)

Pfffft. Judgement had excellent asymmetrical maps. Library, streets, gondola. I liked overpass and sandbar on G3 off the top of my head. Of course it depends on what mode you play.

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Well considering the (lack of) success with Judgement I would be surprised if they remade any of the maps from that game, but I do know of some folks that had a special place in their hearts for some of the maps.

Overpass and Sandbar were great Horde maps yes, but for PvP they were notoriously bad, Overpass I would intentionally quit every time it popped up in matchmaking. I don’t think Horde should ever get preferential treatment over PvP when it comes to remakes, not just because I think Horde fans are so varied in terms of what they like (some like challenge, some like it easy, some just like pretty pretty shiny shiny maps) but there are tons of great PvP maps that are still really good for Horde (Gridlock, BloodDrive, Clocktower, etc.) so the idea that you’d give us trash tier maps to appease Horde players is crazy when you can just get maps that please both groups.

Hail was a really fun Horde map too IIRC :thinking: