Are we getting a achivement fix or not?

Maybe in drop 2? A reply from someone at TC would be nice to let us know ow what’s going on…

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If you are asking if more achievements are coming, TC has already said that the previous lot of achievements was the last.

I know no more achivements thank goodness they need to fix the ones they have broken with the op 8 update…


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Anyway, I think the person who made those things wrote this thread’s title.

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Which ones are broke in gears 5? As far as I know there’s at least 2

@TC_GEARS? The total annihilation and the 100,000 horde kills is stuck…

I belive the mp ones are also stuck for damage ,kills and assists… lv not played mp since op 8 was launched and I noticed thay were not moving …

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That one might be per person, I just got that one the other day.

Mine updated at the start of drop 8 then stopped tracking again.
Absolute Carnage increased to 79% but has not moved despite earning the Versus Carnage tour medal which should have added 1,500,000 damage.
I submitted a support request about 3 achievements not tracking and it did get elevated but nothing got fixed…lol
I don’t hold out any hope at this point.

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I’ve just submitted 2 tickets for “total annihilation” and “rest in pieces”. Same as you haven’t moved since that update apart from going up by 1%. Not moved within at least a week.

Total Annihilation only seems to track for some people in a single sitting. I went from 37% to unlock in an hour or two doing the Ice Scions Tactician map a user made. If your Venom Explosive Resupply is 5+, it will fill ammo faster than you can fire your salvo.

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Any idea about the rest in pieces one? Stuck on 56%

There is patch notes coming out soon with drop.2 I think I read… so hopefully we’re get this sorted.

I got that one before Op. 8, so I can’t say for certain. It might be a similar situation, but that would take much longer to do in a single sitting. I seem to remember getting between 1-2% per run on some of the Juvie maps. To test it, you could try one of those maps once, note your progress after, then force close the game. Do another run, and if you don’t get progress, do another. If you get progress on the second, that would confirm the same tracking bug.

I was testing the Total Annihilation bug on the Ice Scion map and it started tracking properly. It had not been previously. Maybe I got lucky?

Have done 10 straight runs and nothing… tryed on pc also again nothing … tryed on a series x and again nothing … just have to wait and see in the patch notes. Why can’t just say yes op8 has messed the game we k ow about the problems and working on a fix… at least we know that they know about the problems…

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What’s broken about those versus achievements, besides how asinine they are, is they will sometimes randomly increase without you actually doing anything. Many people have reported unlocking Absolute Carnage and Nothin’ But Bits without actually reaching those numbers, including myself.

Shortly after I hit 12,500 assists, something happened that essentially doubled Covering Fire and the other two mentioned achievements. It’s not that my numbers caught up, there’s no way I did that many as I had been tracking my progress. Eventually I reached 51% for Nothin’ But Bits and my progress was tracking properly, but then this jumped to 89% and a few days later it unlocked.

I really want this random unlock bug to randomly pop Covering Fire, then I would only be one Ironman playthrough from being completely done with this game.

Updated and nothing on the achivement had moved or unlocked… done a few horde runs and still nothing…

Mine went up the other day on both by 5% but I’ve been playing horde non stop alaitely as I’m trying to max all classes

My final 4 achievements (Eyes on Target, Covering Fire, Nothin’ but Bits, Absolute Carnage) haven’t tracked in like a year. Haven’t moved a single inch and I play this game every day. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and no success.

Have played on all 6 of my consoles new and old … played on the pc … have uninstalld game and profile… tried switching profiles in game… hard reset Internet and consoles. Just nothing works. Have put 2 support tickets in and nothing back what so ever. Only reply I have had was wait for the patch notes in drop 2… and yep nothing about the achivements that they have broken with op8. Was all working fine intill op8 update. Just won’t admit they have broken the game all there interested in is oh new skins let’s make more money of you… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: