Are we forever stuck with Vermelo and Casan?

Just watched that trailer and they’re adding more COG type soldiers which I am quite certain will just be Vermelo and Casan because those are the only COG soldiers to ever exist.

It’s not really a huge deal nor am I saying Vermelo and Casan are bad but couldn’t they find literally anyone else willing to do voice lines for different COGs lol?

Only thing that comes to mind is that those voice actors are still being paid/contract or its just easier/cheaper to reuse the two legends. I don’t know a lot about the process of creating voice lines but I do think any amateur VA could do some of these COGs just for some diversity.

TC Shauny confirmed (on twitter…) that the Commandos do in fact have their own unique voices. Could’ve done that with Onyx Guard but better late than never I suppose…

So surely this means TC understand the demand for character voice variety and we won’t be stuck with Varmelo and Casan for Gears 6. Right…?


TC and learning from history are like water and potassium. They react very violently when coming into contact with each other and you don’t end up with something useful afterwards.

Yes, I don’t have very high hopes after they basically forgot that the class locks in Judgement, even if it was made by Epic, did not seem to be well received - certainly, what I can find on the subject seems to indicate so - and we still have I don’t even know how many Gears 4 ports after it was made clear that in Gears 4 we didn’t like the non-new stuff as much and then we still get the maps we already played in the previous game again right away in the next.


Off Topic : I assume TC will bring back the "New Map " - Overload in Gears 6 :wink:

Why ? Because players suck at Speed running

All we wanted was the exact Onyx Guard from Gears 3, complete with his exact voice.

We got neither, just an amateurish attempt at copying it.


Casan laugh echos through your mind

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Hopefully yes.

Id be happy if Casan dissapeared forever never to be heard again.

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Two new characters, so not Casan and Vermelo.