Are we ever going to see Winter Armor Kait’s fur color fixed?

Because it’s been the wrong one since the Op 1 midway update that made RAAM and the COG Gear available, and it doesn’t match what it originally looked like and is supposed to look like.

Pics :
What it originally looked like(yes, I know, it’s a poor quality phone screenshot but I can’t get that taken in-game any longer now so it’s the best I have) and should look like(from Campaign) :

What it actually currently looks like :

[Edit : Since it’s not clear enough, here’s a picture of what it also looks like in the MP and is colored wrong.


Even the card of the skin has the grey-looking fur color. I’ve pointed this out as early as when this “change” was made or the skin was bugged out halfway through Op 1. I never got any acknowledgment from anyone over at TC on the subject. So… @TC_Shauny pretty please?

Is this a troll?

I’m sure you know that the quality of campaign assets will be better than the MP assets along with lighting effects. Please understand that your complaint doesn’t really make sense.

No, it’s not a troll. This is a wrong coloration of the skin that is a thing since the middle of Op 1 and you’re making a baseless assumption while also not reading the post properly.

the first image actually looks more like Glacial Kait, has a deep blue which I think looks awesome. The current Winter Armor almost looks gray, not too far from just your regular COG colors.

I’m gonna boot up the game and see if there is a different in contrast from your image to mines.

Well, I have Glacial Armor Kait too, but that’s not really what this is about. It’s the Winter Armor skin and only that. The reason the first picture might look off is because it’s a phone screenshot where I do not recall why I took it. Normally I’d have used an in game screenshot using the Xbox DVR, but since I can’t go back in time…

I was just comparing them by the color, sorry. If the difference isn’t the deep blue looking patches on her pants and arms I can’t really tell the difference. I’ve looked at both side by side but they just look different by color.

I’m not really referring to armor or clothing colors, but the fur on the armor and certain parts of the pants.

Hey I’m confused, Are you not happy with the more blue part being removed or just the fur.

Only this. What I’m saying is nothing to do with the quality of the MP model vs Campaign model, but the fact that the MP model’s fur is incorrectly colored ever since October 2019. It is supposed to be grey, like in the screenshot of the Campaign model that I took, but instead it appears bleach white. The appearance is incorrect and that is a thing unrelated to the displayed visual quality of the model in a mode.

Every other Winter Armor skin for the other characters has the grey fur, so it should be the same for Kait’s, and originally it was but TC never fixed it after messing it up. But some random thing nobody even notices like a shadow on the back of Anthony’s helmet gets fixed.

These are the two separate skins in the Campaign Lobby.

This is in the Skin selection screen of the same skin selected. I believe that is isn’t a bug more rather it is just using a less quality version of the skin for the purposes of MP lighting and optimization.

I wouldn’t expect TC acknowledging or fixing this. The decision to dye the fur white was probably done by the same person who messed around with the Hivebusters skins or Macs face for no good reason.

But that’s the catch. You’re looking at the current way things are. Originally, BOTH the Campaign and MP model had the grey fur, and if you look at Del’s Winter Armor, his fur will be grey in both the campaign and MP. Kait’s is not the correct color in the MP since an update halfway through Op 1 and it’s not actually down to any lighting differences.

This was more than likely to offer better MOCAP performances when creating the Hivebuster DLC. As it was implemented very shortly before the release of the DLC.

Too bad the HB DLC was in the works before G5 even launched. Yet Macs face wasn’t an issue for over a year.

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As you can see by the Screenshots the Winter Armor Kait skin the first two pictures is the Base skin and the Multiplayer skin Variant when you add the option to toggle them on. They are identical within the confines of the Campaign ecosystem, I am not saying that isn’t a bug I’m just pointing out the facts.

Ok, so how are you going to explain that the skin used to look like this in the MP as well but suddenly halfway through Op 1 the fur color changed?

And this is a Horde lobby so what is displayed is definitely not the Campaign model.

Bet. Pahanu was supposed to be a launch map and they didnt finish it because they cancelled the Hivebusters dlc which gives context for Escape. Instead it was like here’s some random characters here’s a random mode go play and be nice. Here’s a tacked on editor we won’t commit to because people want more maps.

By the way theyre hiring now and its only because they lost all those employees last yr. They need a new “character outsource manager” too whatever that is.

Also to @AmicableWall421 I wouldn’t count on it getting put back the way it was but did you report it as a bug ticket on support?

Yes after looking through stuff the Fur Color is different in MP Lobbies compared to the Campaign Variants. But the Skin within the confines of Campaign Lobbies and Campaign Gameplay are IDENTICAL to each other. What I am saying is that it may not be a bug, it could be a simple as a aesthetic choice

I gotta be honest, I can’t bring myself to care even a little that some trim on an outfit is slightly darker in some modes than others.

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So… it doesn’t affect you and you don’t have to care about it? What exactly is the point in commenting that on a thread that is obviously made by someone who actually cares?

That is a genuine question, by the way.