Are we ever going to punish quitters TC?

Played 5 king matches & each match one of my teammates QUIT.

We were winning to in all the matches. We ask why one quit & they respond “because I can” …

Now I’m gold 3 because it’s nearly impossible to win a 4v5 in king when everyone’s sweating.

I guess I’ll make lfg but damn. Maybe some more incentive to punish quitters??

Maybe like a day suspension & be more cruel if it continues. I’d don’t care if they even lag out. But to not come back to play is upsetting. Ruins the experience for people who have high speed & purchased the game to have a fair ranked match.

I don’t care if I lose. I just care that I lose easy matches because people treat it like social & just dip.

I do report them but cmon help a gears gamer out TC.

@oxJINXEDxo asked why & here’s proof.



TC address it in the stream. Op5 is gonna have some kind of community service and they are going to do something for the team with the Quitter on it(hopefully before preseason ends). I wasn’t really paying attention to the stream just had it running in the background. At least TC brought it up.


Curious what it will be.

Currently it’s five lashes with a wet noodle and everyone else deranks.


That’s actually good to know! Thanks.


hmm wonder if it will be something like giving some gp back that you put into the game to play the match


Half your entry fee back would be great because you can make the other half back. They even mention a boost for solo queue player’s. Having two separate queue’s is out the question for now because of population.


I like the boost for solo players since I am one of them. Sadly, every game of ranked I have been in had at least one person quitting on the losing team. Heck, there were some that quit after the first round and we came back and won.


Yeah, was thinking half entry cost could be good too. That way you have more a chance to go positive with gp or not lose as much gp if you perform well, more so at higher ranks, and get quitters and lose cause the entry cost is higher.

Or like a boost coming into play, wonder how that would work or fair but I think would be more rewarding especially to solo queuers, but I’m unsure about that one. Yeah understandably, not enough people playing to be able to have totally separate queues like that. Don’t mind going against a two, maybe a three stack solo as much and like more of a challenge but does suck going against four or five stacks solo. But getting matched and having a similar number of Players in parties on both sides or solo players is much better.

Still I wouldn’t want a separate que for those playing solo and those in stacks, but definitely should be better about not matching solo players against four or five stacks, only been matched once solo queuing so far against a four or five stack (can’t remember exactly) but I remember there was a four stack on my team so it balances out.

Would be interesting to see a percentage come into play if you maybe get back to back wins and/or perform over a certain limit or get mvp too but i don’t think it matters as much.


They should make quitters equip a special “Im a quitter” character skin so everyone can see there a quitter, pretty sure that would stop some quitting.

Make them play vs insane bots solo for 5 koth matches and get 50 kills.


The war against quitters continues. Of course it’s a bummer when players quit in this thing we called ranked, which offers no contingency plan for when players quit. The conversation needs to change. Making punishment more extreme as if that’s going to do something. Not every player cares so much about ranked. Their primary concern is to play the game. And yes they could play quickmatch. Of course. But they’re not always going to. I’m telling you guys, the players quitting are not the problem. The saying “don’t hate the player, hate the game” is so applicable to gears.

I’m not a huge gamer, but if I’m not mistaken not every single shooting game has a matchmaking system like gears, where if players quit no new players can join. Look at cod, they’ve had the winning formula for ages. When you play a mode there and players quit, new players join and voila. Is it nicer to play a match start to finish? Sure. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

When you boot up this game there should be one playlist per game mode. With join in progress. And some kind of ranking system that knows how to put players of similar skill level up against each other. And rolling lobbies. Done.


I wonder if something like this would work (thought they had something like that in 4 for a while but could be mistaken, been a while lol). I just worry ranked would then be more like casual play because random people will join or leave the ranked match if it’s open to join. Plus could be distracting for the rest of the team and sometimes getting a 5th doesn’t always help, course in king does matter more than say tdm, but if they could make it work…

Could be a good alternative because you’re right people that quit just don’t care so any punishment doesn’t really punish them they will play some other game even with a whole day ban on gears. What would be a big punishment would be a ban on not being able to play online multiplayer in general for a day or however long because of repeat quitting and getting reported for such (because I understand the game often boots players for no reason or people get lagged out) I wonder if that is something they might be able to do but I’m guessing not considering not only do they want you to report and block on Xbox but report on the gears desk as well, but maybe they have other reasons for that.

I know Xbox is now showing the reputation of people that need work on their profile like they did on the 360 but doesn’t really help or come into play when you’re queuing in the game, just means you now know to report or block so you don’t play with them again because they are probably repeat offenders since their reputation needs work.

I agree there should just be one playlist for each ranked mode not separate it into solo and stacks, not like there’s the support in the amount of people actually playing the game to be able to do that anyways. Think the game is good right now about matching us with those of similar rank in this new system though. I understand too because it’s beginning of the operation and only preseason that everyones ranks aren’t as set right now and that TC have extended the search parameters and made it for those of high ranks to be able to find matches with those two tiers above or below temporarily.

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Lets name and shame them. A temporary mark upon their name in Gears, indicating they are Leavers…

Oh, wait, we can not. Hmmm, the Mark is a good idea.


When ppl quit the entry fee should be halved or refunded.


I’m on both sides of the fence with stacks, at first when Op4 launch. As a solo queue I honestly was rolling stacks thinking stacks were alot more common than I thought. Here and there I came across a couple of elite stacks but I was all for one queue. Than a couple days ago I had really had a chance to grind on KOTH. I went 1-10 got the floor wiped with me by stacks. Humped. Beat up, tea bagged the whole works. Even when I went off I think I made 86 gp in one round still couldn’t win. I was mentality beat down. I was like “F” this queue.
Than yesterday 4-0 against stacks with no more than a 2 stack on my team. Go figure. Idk I would love 2 queues, I really don’t think pop is there though.


Soon ™


Gears most “competitive mode” …

At least in TDM a quitter could be a advantage but king is just lob sided.

Here’s Onyx level king. Almost a quitter every match because they aren’t penalized. Only a 15 min tickle to the belly.

A lob sided 140+ & counting to their 8 points.

I showed mercy & started having a emote battle with the opponents.

King reduced to pistols out & capping because TC does not punish quitters.


Yeah understandable I figured the same too that more people than I thought were partied up. Solo queuing or with one other person, came across a lot of two to three stacks. Occasionally, a four or five stack often when that happened we had another party of two or three on the team but hasn’t always been the case. Think had two games recently with just a party of two on the team and went against four and five stacks which sucks. Figured maybe with the search parameters and taking into account regions, time of day, and ranks that was just the way it worked out, but I’m not sure honestly.

Think ide rather have a longer wait if it meant having your team all solo or playing with one other and going against a full stack wasn’t allowed unless the other team was balanced out. I understand the appeal of two stacks even three stacks for queues just don’t think it’s in the books to happen. I would rather they keep one queue but not allow solo or even two stacks to go against five stacks or four stacks unless it’s balanced and just have a longer wait time. Cause right now finding a match is pretty fast least in my experience, so can’t imagine it would slow it down by much but I’m honestly not sure still rather wait a bit more if it meant better matchmaking in that sense.


Hopped on for first time since new OP. 3 quitters in my first match on my team. Ya hate to see it.

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Mad respect for that

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