Are we being picky, or is Gears 5 really just a garbage game

So several months back, I had made a thread asking who all was going to still play 4 after 5 came out, and here are some highlights…

So here we are, over a month past release, and I must say that it gets less and less enjoyable as time goes on. But I do wonder, am I just biased to 4? I tend to see mostly negative reactions to it on the forums, but then again, no one is gonna come to an online game forum just to sing its praises (and those who do get shamed), and Gears 4 certainly had its haters all the way up to 5’s release. The same people that bashed 4 are now saying the 4 was a superior game. Which I am inclined to agree with.
So what is it? Do we need more time to adjust, does it need a few big updates? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that 5 seems to decrease in enjoy-ability the more I play it, and it seems to be having issues that shouldn’t even exist, like the ranking system being as bugged as it is.
Now of course I don’t hate it enough to stop playing it, and there is some fun to be had in it for sure. But I 4 is starting to look a lot more enticing of late.
-Dave out


Its the internet. A haven for people that aren’t happy unless they’re complaining about something.

Its hard to find a multiplayer game forum where people who are enjoying it aren’t drowned out by people complaining about it.


I don’t play much after hitting General. Went to Borderlands 3 and it’s a much better game. I’ll jump back on Gears 5 for the campaign again for some achievements. Won’t be going back to 4 at all. In fact, it’s been uninstalled since the black phantom skins came out as a challenge.


I don’t know anyone who is actually excited about Gears 5’s current state or even the future. I feel like it’s nearly a consensus. Coming from me, this says a lot. I defended Gears 4 all the time and consistently said it was the best Gears, people are overreacting to the issues, etc.

But Gears 5 has an insane amount of bugs on all fronts: PvE, rank, mechanics, etc. And to top it off, there is no interesting and new content. We have the same boring 5v5 game modes with limited maps. We couldn’t even get a ported over 2v2 playlist ffs.

Personally I think we’re just a few updates away from a stellar game. We need bug fixes, a few more maps, and some fire game modes (FFA has already been lowkey confirmed by Rod). The game currently just feels dead and boring, but can easily be turned around.

For the first time ever, I will say that TC deserves every ounce of criticism they’re getting and we are not being picky. They probably deserve more. The only thing people are overreacting about is the existence of microtransactions, because those are fine (aside from prices).


I honestly don’t see myself playing this game for years like I have with the original trilogy. Its been able to hold my interest for now since there hasn’t been any legitimate competitive shooter that has released for awhile and because most games that interest me are coming out next year. The game just released with so little content in the MP side of things that it just doesn’t do it for me.

Once Outer Worlds and Death Stranding release, I’ll most probably put Gears5 on the side. And by the time I’m done with those, I’ll be playing the huge array of games coming out early 2020 and I’ll also be focusing on games I’ve missed like Borderlands 3, so it’ll be hard for TC to convince me to come back.

Oh well, it’s been interesting to say the least while it lasted.


Seeing as I currently don’t really have many games to catch my interest(and waiting for something like Subnautica Below Zero to release), until I possibly might get Halo Infinite(very unlikely though after Halo 5, and if it is a Scarlett only title - this X was too expensive imo to justify getting another console 3 years later again), and I do somewhat enjoy playing Gears 5(and have added someone from these forums if they need a player for Master Horde runs, once I have sufficiently leveled my characters - better playing Master than not playing at all because of randoms) I’ll probably stick with it for a while.

I’ve got mixed feelings about GOW5. It’s not within spunking distance of greatness. But it’s not in spunking distance of sheer awfulness either. Just… somewhere in the middle. There are some positives, but probably equal number of complaints too. Maybe even more!

I think right now I just feel invested in building up my Horde and Escape characters, a few more campaign achievements and TOD stuff. I play with friends which I suspect mitigates some of the bad stuff. I suspect I would enjoy the game alot less if I was going in solo . But then everything is better with another person right?

I still look back fondly on GOW4. For all its flaws, it was decent gameplay-wise. The only real positive thing I can confidently say about GOW5 is that it has a better campaign and even then it’s merely “good” rather than exceptional. The open world sections in acts 2 and 3 are poorly done and it feels empty and lifeless. It’s just part of the commute from A to B before you walk through a turnstile to enter the fighty dungeon sections.

So… ask me again in a few months. Maybe I will have run out of things to do and will have a clearer idea of how I feel about GOW5 by then.


Sums it up for me. There’s fun to be had, but it is so clearly plagued by a multitude of baffling design choices it becomes demoralizing. We’ll see if TC can turn it around in the future but so far they haven’t been hugely adamant about admitting their mistakes with Gears 5, so I’m not counting on it.

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Not even Gears 1 had the amount of bugs Gears 5 has (and at least they were enjoyable bugs like the crabwalk, skydive, and kung fu flip). So “picky”? No. We just want a decent functional game.

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I feel your on point with most of what you said. I would like to add that I feel Microsoft probably rushed this game to get out before Boarderlands and other big named games seeing as they didnt have any other first party games.


Fair enough, but since this is basically just Gears 4, I don’t understand how they introduce bugs to old features. E.g. Global chat doesn’t work, servers kicking you out of private matches, invisible enemies, roadie run jitter, reups not showing, etc.

As for the deadline not allowing them to make new content, I guess that’s understandable. Though, I wish they would have prioritized the extremely important things like game modes, even if they had little time.


I dont understand it either. The only thing I know is that its a different version of Unreal than Gears 4 so that might be why. Also seems with TC is that they tend to fix 1 thing and 2 more break.


RIP Angry

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Also @Krylon_Blue and I ALWAYS joke about this 1.


The only thing consistent in the Gears franchise is that its inconsistent


I’m an absolute gears fanboy. I’ve tried to defend this series whenever it has been criticised in the past. From what I have heard the gears 5 campaign is very good. However, I cannot defend anything about gears 5 multiplayer, I think it is the worst online gaming experience I’ve ever had. No servers, high ping, reduced skill gap, psychologically torturing ranking system, over priced store, nonsensical gameplay mechanics, silly tone…have I missed anything???

I admittedly did complain about gears 4 at times but I have since reinstalled it and I love it in comparison to gears 5. I know others that have gone back to 4 also. I have very little hope that gears 5 can be saved.

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No I don’t think that we’re being overly picky as a community. There are aspects that I actually really enjoyed like the campaign but the multiplayer which has been the bread and butter of the franchise for years is where the majority of questionable design decisions are for me and what ultimately saps my desire to play Gears 5. Throw in a grindy lackluster live service filled with needless cruft like banners and spotting icons and an over priced real money cash shop and it’s just frustrating.

I’d rather have season passes and paying for expansions that I want than being nickled and dimed on a fully paid for AAA game - and yes despite MS\TC’s decision to put it on game pass at launch it is still a full priced $60+ game and doesn’t get a free pass on monetization practices unless it goes F2P.

Again, Gears isn’t a garbage game. The concept has been the same for over 10 years. It’s the company that makes the game and the casual developers that ruin it.

I mean no insult but this is the sad truth, they’re the reason MP is broken. Who else could it be? The 5% of Gears fans that enjoy a strong rifle? And it’s not just the rifles, scroll on here for 30 seconds and you’ll find a list of over 20+ game breaking things that should not be in any game.

Usually for Gears releases I allow around 10 game breaking bugs…

Typically it’s audio, rifles, campaign issues, general complaints of ping, servers, quitters, etc.

Usually half of those are patched in the first couple weeks. Audio seems like one of those things that it takes them a while to nail down. As for rifles it seems they keep them super strong until they get bored of their own game; or after Esports crap.

Esports on gears is also a huge joke. Just in case anyone wanted my opinion on that.

I’m done though.


Gears is consistently inconsistent.

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At this point it’s no longer inconsistency it’s failure.