Are Totems characters there forever, or tied to ToD?

I barely had any time to play since the Totem characters came out and there are only a few days left till the Tour of Duty is over. I searched but never saw a deadline for the Totem characters and I really want RAAM but don’t have the time to play through to get him. Did TC give any indication as to if there is a time limit or not?

Thanks in advance.


Awesome, thanks for the quick reply.

Be aware that the base characters are unlockable forever, but skins come and go.
You can bank the skins if you don’t have the character unlocked yet.

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@DXLR8R - yes this is how it works.

So as an example, the upcoming Onyx Guard is considered to be a variant of the COG Gear, so you can unlock the Onyx Guard in the next TOD which will be available for a time-limited period (presumably 12-13 weeks), but won’t be able to equip it until you unlock the COG Gear.

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RAMM forever