Are things really so different since Gears of War 2?

Does anyone remember the Gears of War 2 days?

During that time I vividly and specifically remembered myself being very frustrated with hit detection and inconsistencies. I literally told myself at that time I would never buy another gears game. But then gears 3 came out. They launched a beta. I decided to give this beta a chance…

I was blown away. I thought “Oh my god they finally fixed it.” I felt like I was finally as good as I thought I was…(I knew I was mediocre at best) So I bought gears 3. Not long after I had it the reliability and inconsistency crept right back in. Everyone on the forums felt it. Speculation was Epic stopped using dedicated servers, and now it was P2P. It was a very sharp turn from how silky Gears 3 was at launch.

Being disgusted I truly swore to myself I never would purchase another gears game… Guys… I have kept to my personal promise. I’ve only played gears 4 and 5 via game pass… After all of these years the forums look the same. Those same complaints about gears 2 and 3 are still seen today. It does not surprise me. I get satisfaction knowing I will not spend money on something that will bring me disatsifation…

It’s sad that such an exciting addictive game is still rife with the same problems after all these years. I just think that they will never be able to get these issues down to a level that can give more enjoyment than frustration… Do you guys remember the old days? They weren’t so rosey colored that’s for sure.


I remember the gears 2 days. At launch the chainsaw was unstoppable. Gnasher shots sunk to the floor.
I agree, each gears game has suffered from more or less the same issues. Gears 2 and onwards they kept trying to make the game easier. At least epic actually launched their games with content like maps. The lack of maps in gears 5 is an abomination. Of course many other issues with the game, but at the very least have some maps. I wouldn’t mind flashback maps - it’s not like they’re doing a good job with their new maps, all lancer friendly.

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Maybe it’s just me but Gears 4 was my favorite here. No connection issues (rampant ones anyways) I don’t remember many bugs, (At least not weekly installments like 5).

The RNG sucked but that was about it.

Connection blows chunks in gears 4. That was my experience.

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True there were many problems unique to gears 2. And there are many problems unique to gears 5… But what are the universal complaints to all gears games? Hit detection and inconsistency. I’m sure you’ll argue that’s inherent to all online gaming. But I’m not looking at the broad picture. I’m looking at the biggest complaints about gears 5…

Trust me I made a post in 2009 on the epic forum. I said I don’t care how the shotgun works. I want a low latency experience. I am getting that in Gears 5. Apparently others on this forum are not.

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Real fans who have played since Gears 1 know how many issues there have been with each and every release. Its only the young noobs or straight up blind people who think Gears 4 & 5 are somehow new to this or even worse.

Gears 1 can be forgiven as it was still new, but the host advantage in that game was laughable.

Gears 2…sheesh the PVP in this game was striaght up terrible. An incredible campaign and amazing Horde saved this game.

Gears 3…performance improved dramatically but it still had its share of issues. The introduction of the Retro, Sawed Off, and a beast Hammerburst as a loadout weapon caused a ton of confict within the community. Gears 3 also introduced the series to microtransactions and cartoony visuals. Still, easily the best of the OG trilogy.

Gears 4. Terrible launch, tons of RNG, and ridiculous store prices, but IMO was the most refined Gears game ever made both in PVP and PVE. Yet people ■■■■ on this game for years and continued to sing Epic’s praises. Now everyone looks back on this like its the best Gears ever.

Gears 5. Another terrible launch, not enough maps, massive overhaul to the unlockable content system, Horde, and several other areas. It’s been a rocky 6 months. But it’s easily the smoothest playing Gears game ever made, no questions asked. Its also has the most variety of modes to play of any Gears game to date. Game had a rough launch with heavy aim assist and unbalanced weapons, but over time it has significantly improved. I think by the end of this game’s life it will be looked back on fondly.

Gears 4 and 5 have brought a ton of improvements to this franchise, but people rely heavily on that nostalgia, even to the point of trying to get Cliffy B back, smh.

Cant wait for ppl to call Gears 5 the best Gears ever when 6 launches…lol


The Gears 3 beta was the best PvP experience of the series.

Other than Overrun in Judgment. If I’m being honest, that was my favorite game type.


Hey that’s cool. We all have different experiences. I know what is unacceptable for some is not a bother for others… In any case thank you for your feedback.

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That’s the weird bit about TC’s gears online. You get a low latency experience even with an average connection. Players with super low latency get the experience of having a crap connection.

That doesn’t make any sense.


You posted in the other thread that your 50-70 ping, that’s a pretty average connection, For you the game plays smoothly and you don’t really have issues with it.

My connections not much fatser than yours (i think) but my ping is way better and the game seriously feels completely random.
It is often slow to react, walls get super sticky out of know where, bounces fail to engage and don’t link together fluidly, the shotgun often seems to be delayed or appears to not respond at all.
The experience is sometimes good (most often when Im stuck on u.s server when im in the eu), but is often just random. there’s no other way to describe the games mintute to minute inconsistency.

Also I am confused by all this talking, More gifs. I need a laugh.

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Right but what I didn’t include is that some matches I play with 150 ping and others with 10 ping. My experience in game doesn’t change. Nobody is sponging my shots.

Also I have cut back on gifs. @GhostofDelta2 is on my case.

That sounds like you are very lucky then. I wish my experience mirrored yours.

Just to be nosey, whats causing the drastic ping differences? Different servers I guess?
I’d need to hop across the pond and to the west coast to come close to 150 ping, when I normally have 1-10 (in magical gears ping anyway).

Boo @GhostofDelta2 There needs to be some sort of sh!tpost amnesty during the covid crisis or a dedicated shtpost thread to stave off my boredom.

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My ping goes high when other people are using my network aka family. I try to play when everyone is asleep but sometimes I can’t.

I’ve always said it.

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I used all my luck up back in the day man. Noooooooooo! :sob:

Re: ping. Ah. so you can fluctuate a bit during a match?
I am pretty sure TC have some smoothing features to compensate for that. It’s why all my mates play on wifi a lot of the time anyway. For contrast my fluctuations in game are around the 3ms mark.
I really think it’s the combo of low ping and very solid connection where things seem to go proper wonky.

TC are highly unlikely to ever properly explain their online architecture, so all we can really do is speculate and make (wild) guess’s.

No large fluctuation during a match. If someone is on my network I consistently have 150 for the entire match.

And I don’t speculate, I look at results. Playing on WiFi was never a realistic option for me. I know it is bad and I will never do it for PvP.

What I did was change my ISP, use a hard wired connection directly to the modem, and implemented port forwarding. I changed the variables under my control and ended up with a smooth experience. I can’t control what The Coalition or Xbox Studios or Microsoft does.

Are you playing a different game?