Are they going to be discounting a different Esports skin everyday?

Similar to the way they discounted different black steel characters everyday, are they going to be doing this with every Esports skin like sundred is discounted currently? Would rather wait until the black mamba skins become discounted before buying them

Only TC know the answer to that.

Maybe we will see them again closer to the E League shows along with the Characters in a couple months.

I would have thought, since they announced them at a discount, that they will return at least once more.

Whether or not another set will carry a discount, is anyone’s guess unless TC confirm this possibility.

I guarantee they would sell more weapon skins right now if they let them carry over to Gears 5. No one knows what kind of Character skins we’ll get in 5 whether it be new Black Steel or a new type all together. But I doubt we’ll get the same weapon skins



I think they rely on eSports sales to go towards prizes and events so probably why they don’t want the content to carry over.

They need everyone to buy again it seems :sweat_smile:

TC and Microsoft have to get a piece of the sales though. It doesn’t all go towards esports

For sure :+1:

You see i actually just found out about them and am actually in the store this very moments im debating whether i should spend $5 on the emissive and sundered weapon skins heck even lightning storm ones but then again gears 5 is a few months away so if they wont carry over might as well not spend the money but if they did carry over i would buy them without a second thought

But nonetheless don’t you think people will buy more esports skins regardless of the weapons they have they just need more cosmetics and colours that pretty much it. Look at fortnite so many different cosmetics and they still make loads of money.


If they do it the right way, for sure,

The quality needs to be there though.

I don’t think if TC out the bubbles skins in lots of colours that people will pay.

There should always be the featured content that is free via credits or a direct purchase.

And then there should be the really good, detailed, premium content that is paid for only to get the that quality however - this should always be direct purchase.

If they go with a pack system,

Then it should be:

5 Card Pack
No Filler
No Dupes
Decreasing Pool every time.

So this means, it would always take a limited number of packs.

Say you have 17 weapons and 3 characters.

Maximum you would have to buy is 4 packs.

This means TC gets a little bit more money, but it’s still kind of works well, especially if a Character is guaranteed per pack, you could have them all in 1-3 packs guaranteed and then if you like the weapons, a 4th pack gets you a full set.


Just make a pack for 3 Characters and a pack like they did now for the weapons plus a bonus “Emblem” card.

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High hopes man…high hopes

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I see. Does it work now or?