Are they EVER going to fix the locker GL reload issue?

I just LOVE walking back to a locker with 4 GLs and seeing each one with 2 rockets in it…

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At this point in time? I doubt it. I believe this has been a thing since launch. Quite annoying especially since 3 is the max you can have, 2 because of this bug.

I’m just amazed how this issue exists since launch and hasn’t been fixed yet.

Also while we’re at it, it would also be nice to distinguish between bullets and grenades reloaded while it hangs in the locker. Basically a second identifier on the locker showing how many grenades have been reloaded.


If I’ve learned anything from playing this game for so long its that TC isn’t exactly good at handling issues/bugs that don’t favor them. If Marksman had a bug where crit dmg activated longshot handling that would be patched the same week, but we still have the issue of longshot double firing while on cover.


So…it’s a Issue…I thought I’m being lucky to get the third Grenades well…

But Ammo Regen works fine.

I think it does eventually reload to 3, but it seems to take forever. Like 10 minutes I think.

Thought you didn’t need a locker


As Demo, no.

GL is a very useful weapon for lots of other classes. And THOSE need lockers.


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I have been playing demo on 50 wave runs recently and have noticed the 3rd grenade never gets refilled until you pick the rifle and deposit it again. So yeah, another bug to the list lol

I just dont see why TF it needs to take longer to refill 3GL rockets than 3 boomshot rounds.

This per weapon game micromanagement is sooooo tiresome…

I thought the GL would only refill to 3 if it still had one GL round left and loaded when put on the locker.

I noticed with ammo regen sometimes the third rocket would not reload unless i emptied some bullets out and the regen kicked back on

There is a way to force a guaranteed third nade-charge, but I’m not gonna share it since I absolutely despise JD-“mains” :slight_smile:

Can someone summarise the issue here? Happy to take a look :slight_smile:

EDIT: Is it just a case of the three grenade not being refilled by a weapon locker? Just for context a level 4 locker should regenerate a Lancer GL grenade every 40 seconds, its meant to be identical to the Boomshot in that regard.

The 3rd GL-Grenade will never get recharged by Lockers unless you know about the workaround.

Overclocked Lockers doesn’t solve that either. Been that way since launch.

But what about more pressing issues such as gamechat and enemyaudio in PvE not working?

Cheers :slight_smile:

In regards to the text chat, still trying to chase up an accurate repro, as for the enemy audio, which maps is it happening on?

Every single hive and map? That announced fix didn’t do anything to solve the issue.

True. Like Deep Venom can Cover the Sire Sound.

Hmm… I’m getting audio (was just in a Horde match on Mercy.)

Which announced fix is this? Can try and run it back through the chain.