Are there viable Horde class builds around healing energy pickups?

The fact that Infiltrator’s Healing Jolt/Nomad’s Powered Sprint are purple ‘epic’ cards you don’t get until level 15/12 suggest that the designer thought that they were powerful. Of course, clearly Kait/Infiltrator in Gears 5 was originally meant as the spiritual successor to the Scout class and had the energy pickup amount boost that’s now gone, so obviously plans can change/real players can invalidate your expectations. But the same Level 6 “Picking up energy heals 100% health” was used again in Paduk/Nomad, so there’s some kernel of an explicitly intended Horde gameplay loop there.

To be fair, on Super Energy modifier days, I have occasionally experienced being saved from a down after an execution because I animated into the energy and healed. Blademaster definitely gets value out of its closely related passive bonus of 50% healing on kills (maybe not as critical to the loop as Thrill of the Hunt, but still pretty important, and probably more so than Energy Surgedefinitely so for those that play forward away from taps). Is there something there?

I know that nobody brings these cards to high level runs because there are many others for Infiltrator/Nomad that are more consistently valuable. Something like this is going to be less optimal. But still, if you were forced to design a build and accompanying playstyle around healing energy pickups, what might that be?

For example, is it just a simple Infiltrator swap for Reaper? And even though that would presumably also free up Enhanced Stim, would you still avoid Infiltrator’s Long Reach because you’d still be moving too much that it’s not hard to find/set up the next pickup? (Is it a noticeably harder loop than be able to just ignore a bleeder somewhere nearby you know will heal you soon?)

Would you be Gnasher Nomad or would you stick with executions?

I’d say in terms of healing the passive skill is more important - you get that chunk of health for every kill in one go and taking damage doesn’t interupt it, so it doesn’t slow things down for you. I’d say that the key factor coming from Thrill Of The Hunt is the extra damage resistance compared to the accelarated healing (which I find can be a bit inconsistent as it sometimes takes longer before it actually starts working, and it also needs a bit of time to actually fully heal).

But on the topic of using Horde power to heal, I’m not that convinced it’s that useful. I think with the Infiltrator, using the traditional Reaper-Enhanced Stim-Stim-Batteries combo and getting kills is just too effective purely because Reaper heals as well as provides stim, which in turn gives you damage resistance on top of it. Picking up power would just heal you, but won’t provide stim or damage resistance. I guess you could mix it up, but with Reaper healing you anyway I kinda feel Healing Jolt becomes somewhat redundant.

I guess similarly with Nomad, Execution Shield provides immunity from damage during executions (when maxed) and provides stim so this is typically more efficient. I guess you could mix it up with an execution build.

Plus overall with power taps being a thing, collecting power is a bit less important. I guess with GOW4 it was a staple for speedrunners cos you wanted to get the kill-zone set up ASAP, so collecting as much power as possible was a necessity.

Funny you mentioned it- I was about to test it today on Speyer with Even Stronger Enemies and Triple Melee Damage (TMD) but unfortunately never had the chance. Looks like people were afraid to play CQC classes to take advantage of TMD.

Thats bc melee is trash. Demo is the best class in the game.

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Demo is the BEST class in the game!!!

Here - fixed it a little


Especially with the grenade planting cards!!!

I demand that you build an altar in my honour consisting of three level 4 weapon lockers filled with explosive weapons which represent my explosive anger! And if you do not build this tribute to my power, then I will smite you by rage quitting!

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You might want to hold onto this for saying that.

Pilot solos :weary:

Ive been taking L’s my whole life.

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I imagine they literally just somewhat adapted it from Gears of War 4. Why Nomad has such a card, I do not understand and why certain cards are Epic, I do not understand either…

I assume they tested it only really on lower level Hordes that they “expected” the larger community to run but even then it turned out to have a second life (Stim) is much better than being able to refill your health immediately since the “second life” is “rechargeable” a lot easier/faster.

The only classes that would technically benefit from this would be CQC classes with no Stim and a large health pool to withstand a couple bullets once the x2 damage poison kicks in. There’s literally no CQC class without Stim in one way or another.

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Same bro :pensive:

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