Are there REALLY no bots available in North America to play against, in G5?

Gears of War 4:

and lots of North American Coop games:

BUT jump onto Gears 5 and I get games in, IF I’m lucky, Europe, and if I’m not lucky, Australia… From Canada!!

Really? No bots available for me to play against, in North America? For real? Are they having a bot convention in Las Vegas?

Even social coop against AI doesn’t work properly…

I don’t know man. I was once there on LAS VEGAS, and there are cute girls and pornstars . so its definitely a place you could wander around for days !!.

If bots are there I wouldn’t get surprised if they EVER came back to the game.

I’ve never seen a " BOT CONVENTION ON LAS VEGAS " most likely there are on a Brazzers convention on MGM Grand or pehaps in a covention of " AMERICAN DAYDREAMS " in Ceasars Palace.

I’m confused, what exactly is the complaint here?

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Hi @Link23809 how are you man ?

I think he is upset that there are not bots to play against in North America .

uhm, matchmaking which puts me on the furthest server available, for a bot backfilled game, one where I do NOT need to have any local team mates.

Playing with a 200ms ping!??!!?

I’m fine playing by myself, with bot team mates…

This “we need find human team mates, even if it means they are on the other side of the world” matchmaking is making the resultant games crap and unplayable.

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Ah, I understand. Yeah that’s really stupid. They need to sort out the matchmaking for other regions outside of NA.

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