Are there no More Monday Newsletters?

Watch that langauge boy, you might make someone—

That’s an interesting idea. Idk how I’d feel with animated characters though. I think there were one or two of those in Judgement but it might look odd. If it doesn’t hurt performance.

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Nah. The only word that causes that kind of panicked reaction is “doctor”

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Would buy the Myrrah, but I spent $10 on her chrome steel. I am happy that they’re are making new content for the store and not recycling past Gears games stuff so far this Operation

Somewhat true. Guess it depends on your definition of New. I’d like to see new new skins. Like the Hivebusters and other skins. Plus in the TOD we have;

  1. Lieutenant JD
  2. Lieutenant Del
  3. Palace Guard
  4. Col. Clayton
  5. Col. Myrrah
  6. Recruit Clayton
  7. Thrash Cole
  8. Theron Elite

Skins we’ve seen before, I don’t really like these compared to newer stuff like the Savage Swarm or Hivebuster Baird and stuff like that.

Never seen it

But I know who Tennant is. He’s pretty good in Good Omens

Well he’s a doctor at least. I’m now just getting the deeper joke so it’s fine.

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I forgot about the Del being in the store, guess they have recycled.

I do think that past skins should be in supply, but I’ll settle for ToD as long as they dont store it for $2.50

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Yo there has to be a character developer who is wild smacked during social distancing and is putting the finishing touches on Wheelchair Hoffman


Kryll snub !

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I’d love to see a wheelchair Hoffman bounce on me and just wreck my ■■■■


Give him a tiny blunderbuss like the wheelchair guys in Bloodborne

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“They see me rolling–they hatin”

I think Kryll looks alright. Just wish it wasn’t $20 for just the loadout set.


Yo @III_EnVii_III come get your boy he needs some cash


Can’t wait for the Kryll smoke grenade skin!


Kryll flash grenade with a single Kryll in the container where the flash juice is


I bought the Kryll Gnasher and then thought to myself,

Why did I buy it when I’m never going to use it,


I don’t even like it :thinking:

I wish I had got the lancer when it was there, way too ridiculous of a price to get the whole set at this rate, but I would have settled for the loadout, but since I hesitated on the Lancer, now there’s no point in the gnasher nor the snub for me… part of me still hopes the set will come back down the road with at least a little more reasonable price.

I got the pair

Happy for you mate, wish I didn’t hesitate on the Lancer (obviously my hesitation was thinking how terrible it was to charge 400 Iron for 1 weapon) but it is what it is, hopefully I get a 2nd chance at a later date.

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