Are there no More Monday Newsletters?

No more weekly “This week in Gears”'s?

I don’t remember anything about them cancelling it, only adding “What’s Up” again on Thursdays.

Or has the time changed, they used to go up around 10-12 PST, right?

They can drop anytime.

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They have always been fairly late. Give it another hour or two, that’s usually when they have dropped over the past weeks.

Didn’t they move the day?

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I know they started doing both of them;

“What’s Up” on Thursdays
“This week in Gears” on Mondays

But I don’t remember anything about the dates actually being changed.

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They do the mini thing on Mondays,

What’s Up anytime after that.



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What’s the difference between Myrrah and Collector Myrrah?


Gracias. And it seems that the Collector versions just feature more Red/Blue (team based) and gold.

But in OP2 collector was black and team color.

So maybe they’re a different scheme every OP?
Because standard Myrrah is silver, right?

I think Collector is just recolour.

Here’s a quick comparison to original.

Original is red / chrome while Collector is just red.

Well yes a recolor, that’s all it’s been (even though Palace Guard is a recolor of a skin we haven’t gotten yet)

Like Zombie or Gilded.

But in OP2 all the Collectors (Marcus, Onyx) were black with their team color.

In OP3 (Clayton. Myrrah, Palace Guard) it seems to be gold with their team color.

What the ■■■■, where’s my winter Lizzie

Actually, original seems to be primary red, secondary chrome and has this white sewing thread.

While Collector seems to be primary black, secondary red and has this red sewing thread.

Well yes, darker–with gold. And more of the team color (since Myrrah is Swarm–it’d be Red)

Dope. When I booted up Gears 4 like 3 years after not playing it, I was a couple weeks too late to get black phantom skins. Purple phantom will have to do. If it’s good enough for Mace Windu…

Also, I will pass on the kryll snub. The lancer and gnasher are just fine.

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I don’t care for Phantom in 5. In 4 it was nice and crisp and blueprint-y. In 5 it’s more flat and solid, somehow.

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Phantom skins in Gears 3 were even better. I think there was even a developer exclusive set

I think some people figured out how to hack unlock it anyway

Also what about real Phoenix Armor on Marcus Fenix. Like masters skins but it’s your armor.

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