Are there going to be any new achievements in operation 7 and onward?

I haven’t been keeping up with developer stream for awhile and just been wondering if the will have any type of new achievements in the future. @TC_Sera @TC_Shauny

Hopefully there’s a new seriously part 2 once everything is out for Gears 5 and support ends for it.

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Seeing as Gears 4 ended on 164 and 5 is at 165 I doubt we will see new achievements. I think if Op7 doesn’t launch with achievements then TC is definately done making them. We may see challenges in the form of Road to Gears 6 just to unlock content in 6 but that is it.

Also a side note but do you really want more grindy achievements after the Damage, Kills and Assist achievements?

Gears 5 is 2k gamerscore behind G4, the number of achievements is kind of irrelevant as there’s games with far more than that.

Games that usually have more gamerscore and achievements are normally a collection of games. The highest being Halo MCC with 700 achievements for 7000 gamerscore.

Not grinding like the 100k kills in versus. They had really easy achievements in gears 4 like play versus for 30 hours, pressing a button as Kim in a verseus map, and doing campaign easter eggs

I think they are probably done with achievement drops. Not sure why each one had such unusual (and low) gamerscore totals - but they did finally end it on an even 2000G. Shame though, I spent some good hours leveling my PvE classes in anticipation of more drops.

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