Are there any gears servers in United states WA?

I havent played in about 3 weeks I’ve been wanting to but seems the only place I’ll get placed while searching for a game is in Mexico or some where on the east coast, ive been searching on different gears community pages on various sites and I can find one single person that plays gears who live in the Pacific north west besides me, I’m not sure if I should just go back to gears 4 or 3 cause gears 5 absolutely does not work at all from where I stand, I see a huge amount of people having a good time at this game but they all litterally live on the east coast or texas or mexico, I live in WA and I cant even find a game in Canada let alone WA, I’d love to keep playing gears 5 I really would but until it runs at least as smoothly as gears 4 it’s just not possible, just poop

I dunno exactly what servers are used for gaming but heres a list of the MS azure servers

Well everytime I play a game I’m either in mexico or on the east coast I have a suspicion that every single player from the north west of the united states isnt having fun with this game at all whst so ever