Are the supply drop items only available during the operation

Will everything you can earn from the supply drop reset with the next operations?

Pretty sure everything in the supply pool is also craftable with scrap.

Operations and Tour of Duty Rewards are time limited items, what you earn you get to keep they’re not going to yank away the items you unlock every 3 months.

I’m saying if you didn’t earn an item or craft a item that you can get from the supply drop are they gonna remove them during g the next operations and replace them with new stuff

From my understanding which is just my understanding the items available from supply crates are just going to be carried over into a collective pool of items either still being able to be found or at the very least craftable with scrap in the future. The items such as Team Metal may or may not, but they did say that the ‘exclusive’ items like the Ice skins would eventually be sold in some capacity so whether there will be any true exclusivity at all it’s hard to say.