Are the servers going to be fixed?

All week now every Horde game has “Match results are taking longer than expected” after almost every wave.

“Waiting for other players” is also showing almost every wave.

It wasn’t this bad a few weeks ago. What’s going on @the-coalition @TC_Vectes ?

It’s not my internet, and I’m not the only person experiencing this.

Can you please look into it TC? As it’s adding like 15>30 minutes onto the average time of a 1-50 Horde run, which takes long enough as it is.

Thank you


It gets worse in the evening so I think it’s just the overload of players coming on for 5XP.

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I’ve never understood how that is even a thing for this game:

  • Microsoft owns Azure (servers)
  • Microsoft owns TC
  • Microsoft owns Halo
  • Both games use Azure servers

Halo doesn’t have these issues nor all the ping and sponging related problems, but Gears does?

It can’t be a money issue, Microsoft and TC are rolling in it.

I’d love to know the real reason…


They could designate so many servers for each game and Gears just happens to have less. The lag itself is generally an issue of the netcode though as one high ping ruins it for everyone.


TC is an absolute joke, they put off like they’re a top rated gaming company but all the evidences that has been proven over especially the past year proves other wise. To be honest what major issues have they fixed in the past year? Ping, shots not registering, sponge, different weapon tuning. I understand you’ll never make everyone happen because that’s impossible but issues like these should be taken care of. Every response from TC is always “we’re aware of the issue and are looking into it”, TC that’s a lot of looking!!! That is a typical business response. I f you can’t handle Gears maybe it’s time to find a company that can.


Beginning of the week was alright and mid week was awful…this morning was horrible


The past 16 hours have been so bad that I would hope the community would band together and demand that TC extend 5x XP another day. Almost nothing could be done in horde at all in a consistent and timely manner since yesterday evening and the effective outage is still going.


It’s a Sunday so I’m not expecting much.

Perhaps it’s just bad net code design? Gears:UE never had this sort of problem.

It’s Lag Comp, high ping players and high ping spikers.

Together, this makes the game inconsistent :+1:

I’m very critical of players with poor connections, but in this case it’s not that. Horde is basically unplayable. It’s rare to be able to start a match solo at this point; that has nothing to do with players with bad connections. I’m on a wired pure fiber optic 500/500 connection that is running at full speed with no packet loss and minimal jitter, and this outage is hitting me just as hard as everybody else.

I think you misunderstand, I was talking in general not about todays specific issues.

But anyone wanting to test their Ping / Jitter to make sure they aren’t part of the problem then here you go:

Didn’t get any XP for Horde Waves 40 and 50 (maybe 30 as well) in a Private Horde game earlier. NOT a visual bug, I should have been able to re-up, I was tracking it manually.

That game and then the resulting next game I ended up losing out on a load of XP, even though I planned carefully to avoid hitting 100 mid-game.
I lost out on 650,000 XP and 3,928 CR, ordinarily I guess it’s unfortunate but when you specifically plan to avoid it when there’s 5XP event running is really irritating.

The servers are really acting weird and lagging.


Just from this event alone, I’m missing over 10 million XP that will never be returned. Since release, that figure is probably over 100 million, I **** you not.

The last time there said 0 XP given and 0 Credits in Horde Mode.
All that was later solved and the XP and Credits were given, earned during that period.
I wouldn’t think we’d get extra time or days of 5x XP, if we do get the XP and Credits earned after the issue’s been solved and fixed.

Tried playing Halo: MasterChief Collection? Especially on Xbox One X?
That really won’t connect over the internet.

Incorrect. On a few occasions, TC will award what was missed during a very specific time period. The vast majority of missed XP and credits are never awarded. And I do mean vast majority.

I can provide recorded proof of this if need be.

Really? Ok, good, that’s what I was hoping for, but figured we’d just miss out.

I’m in favour of TC making next weekend (Fri morning to Monday morning for TC) a 5XP continuation :wink:

Blitz and Horde are unplayable. Even the menus take forever.

Wow… Can anyone even get into a game of anything right now?

I’m trying to do a core tdm and the lobby always dissolves. Menus are taking forever to go through. Even downloading the playlists is taking ages