Are the sam/kim, uzil skins exclusive?

Just saw some dudes that had the skins, I have no clue how to unlock them, they were really good too

They were released accidentally I believe from the update yesterday. Unless they put them back in the store. I am guessing whomever bought them, could use them for the time being.

Maybe content creators get them early?

Lol no… TC messed up and accidentally released the characters with the update. Within a few minutes TC pulled them out from the store.

Content creators already have access to them, yes. As well as people who purchased them during the 10-minute window in which they were on the store yesterday can also access them.

Might as well release em if we’re gonna let people run around in the skins anyway


I was kinda right, creators get EVEN THE COLLECTORS ARMOR first

Yeah thanks it’s not like it’s been post everywhere 5 hours ago

Awesome! Sam is back. Is V-day Sam only available in the bundle or are TC going to do that thing where they put in the store for credits a week or 2 later?

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And yet, this thread was created. I guess I could have waited for the search bar pic.