Are the kantus actually the sires first offspring?

Okay people remember when I said that the kantus are the pure locust first creation well now I have a better theory what if they are actually the offsprings of the sires and that drones are The offspring of the matriarch because if you can compare a kantus to these things they look so God damn similar especially the sound of their voices with that echo coming out of their throats and then maybe Niles and the scientist didn’t like them so they exiled them to the hollow and then Myrrha and the others met with them after they escaped the lab under mount kader or they had them in cages just like ukkon and plus them helping the rest of the grubs would explain how they were so successful of escaping the lab since Kantus are experts at healing their own which would explain a lot.

I prefer the JJ Abrams mystery box theory to story telling:

No matter what is really in that “box” your imagination filled with infinite possibilities will always be better so it’s best to not have the allure and the mystery of some things potentially ruined by opening that box.

I would rather the Kantus and Locust remain some kind of ancient underworld society with no definitive explanation for just how long they have existed; That beats a conveniently explained race of escaped human lab-experiments but it’s too late as the box has been opened and the infinite has been whittled down to singular mediocre possibility.


According to who?

Better is a subjective term.

Again, subjective

Convenient how? How is it convenient? And that’s a serious question, I don’t get what you mean by convenient. An explaination was began during the second game. Didn’t Epic talk about it?

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Jar jar Abrams? Eww :nauseated_face:

It’s a mystery.

Dude never revealing anything in lore is always boring and tedious you suck like the last thing we need is dumb gears fans like yourself wanting to not reveal anything about the lore fans been wanting to know do yourself a favor and stop being a fan of this series I’m not being biased I’m really actually giving out pure fact here of why you’re so dumb :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Wait hang on… your post title poses a question (hence the question mark). Your post refers to your “theory” (your choice of word, not mine) and now you’re saying it’s “pure fact”? And you criticise someone else for preferring a bit of mystery to their storytelling?

Gears fans… the gift that keeps on giving.

Also you replied to the wrong person…


Oh God damn forms I’m sorry dude I thought you were that one guy s*** dude forgive me.


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Given the evidence before us one could conclude that OP was born 7.5months premature, and upper level cognitive function failed to ever develop despite their miraculous survival past infancy.