Are the humans on Sera near extinction?

Thet were in Gears 3,so now it is not much better i suppose.At least Marcus did his part.Are there any other Planets with people or are we going Walking Dead,Mad Max style forward?

Probably rebuilt the Population a little now, I mean, it’s been while. Swarm have only just started to come out in masses although they’ve been taking people.

I’d say it’s less extinction but more close to it.

What do you think bro,are there other humans on another planet in Gears universe?

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Definitely :v:

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Following the war’s conclusion, humanity’s population was in the hundreds of thousands, a far cry from the billions before. How far along things have come in the 25 years since hasn’t been elaborated on since we don’t know the details as to what the current infrastructure looks like, but I would imagine the only thing that has changed drastically is the quality of life.

What little snippets of “normalcy” we’ve seen suggests that society today reflects what it was before emergence; so as far as population is concerned, I would believe it has modestly bounced back, maybe a couple million. Even when considering that the New COG has the technology to quickly produce many infants - especially during a a time of peace - at the very least there seems to be an emphasis on quality over quantity.

Although at the beginning of Gears 4 they took that short stroll through the maternity ward and there was a comment made about having kids… Seemed a sense of urgency about having kids… shrug

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Hmm… I dunno. I mean, it’s only been 25 years since GOW3 so its barely a generation (generally a “generation” is considered to be 20-35 years depending on the kind of society).

Having said that the largest ever real life period where the global population doubled was recorded as being from 1950 to 1987 - the global population went from 2.5 billion to 5 billion in 37 years. I suppose it depends on what the population on Sera was to begin with - high hundred thousands or lower.

Two important things we should consider: the first being that it was known that during the pre-war times, there were numerous occurrences of couples in Tyrus with few or no children at all. We now know this because imulsion causes sterility and that living near large deposits appears to result in lower fertility rates in humans. Chances are this was the same throughout other parts of Sera wherever imulsion was plentiful, but considering a majority of the survivors resided in Jacinto Plateau at some point, and thus largely Tyran, then it stands to reason that many humans who survived the war would struggle to naturally produce offspring. It’s not like getting rid of imulsion suddenly makes all of the women more fertile.

The Maternity Annex could get around this. But while the COG seems keen on encouraging couples to produce offspring, I haven’t gotten the impression they want women to keep chucking them out. So far the COG appears to be championing nuclear families and there haven’t been many signs that suggest the average COG household is very large, if the size of Settlement 5 is any indication.

Which brings me to the second bit: the COG doesn’t need to have a billion people when they can easily manage a fraction of that. The first leaders of the New COG came in with the understanding that the amount of resources needed to manage a society is correlated to its population size. Conveniently, a now smaller population consumes less resources, and, because they have access to the knowledge and technology to now make an advanced society possible for literally everyone, they’re in no rush to rebuild every Seran city. Without any existential threats, the COG can grow humanity’s population as fast (or slow) as they want to.

Personally, I hope there is a very large population. That way we can have a believably large scale war again.

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Meh, big points have been covered above so I’ll keep mine brief…

Unfortunately no.

Are we talking about a video game here or real life? Pepper is saying about 2.5 billion to 5 billion in 37 years and gigidy is talking about the maternity ward in Gears 4 about babies.

Both. I was just thinking aloud about the extent of which Sera could have repopulated between GOW3 and 4 and using real life population booms as a basis to speculate. People were pretty horny during those real life 37 years! Maybe Sera had the post-war horn too!

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I think we will have a better understanding of the state of things on Sera when the new book is released… The books have always done a fairly good job giving good details on the surroundings…

Whatever happend to serapedes? i think they are extinct

Death and Sex are very similar things,they attract each other!

The point is not production: if you’d look at your pedigree, you’d probably find that your ancestors had a lot of babies. The problem was that most never made it to adulthood due to deceases like smallpox (anti-vax before it unfortunately became cool). People living in poverty generally don’t get very old as well. Post WWII, living standards went up quite a bit for a bunch of countries, we got a better understanding of hygiene, vaccines, increased food production and etcetera.
This doesn’t really count for Sera as civilization was pretty much destroyed. The COG had the last society that still existed and it fell during the Lambent incursion. As Marcus said during the game “After the war, we didn’t have time to deal with the dead. We had to deal with the living” (if might be a wee bit different as I don’t remember the exact quote, but it should be about that). It’s quite likely there was a baby boom post-Lambent but the question is whether society was able to handle it. Considering how gears were scrapping around in Gears 3 and the limited amount of settlements in Gears 4 I don’t expect the COG’s population to run into the millions.

I wouldn’t rule it out either though. Humanity could have reestablished enough infrastructure fairly quickly after GOW3 to sustain the remaining population which we know was relatively small. Baird developed the DeeBees in that time and it was later mass-produced. I think JD or Del commented in Act 1 of GOW4 that the land where Settlement 5 was being built was empty just a month or so earlier, so the DeeBees are able to build entire towns in a relatively short space of time.

Also looking at some of the promotional posters in the hospital at Settlement 5 (GOW4 Act 1) it seems that procreation was a big thing and the COG would probably had focused on supporting this as a matter of government policy.

I’d definite like to know more about this aspect of lore though -demographics of the survivors etc!

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