Are the humans from Sera just dumb?

Does anybody question the fact that the COG constantly builds the highest walls and strongest gates but always get fugged from underground?

They don’t learn?
Definition of insanity…

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most of those fortifications were built during or before the Pendulum Wars and were re used after E day. Yes some things were built afterwards, like the settlements we see in gears 4 and 5 but that’s because the COG thought the locust were gone. The Swarm was a surprise, humanity was preparing to return to normal, without the threat from underground.
Its all pretty well established in the books and other non-game materials that are out there.


They didnt expect the Locust to come back to life, and even then. They dont do E-Holes like the Locust did.


I was gonna talk ■■■■, but it’s been done for me.

Also Piper. :sunglasses:

I think she’s great, even though she never agrees with me when I talk to the BOS :joy:

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Jinn is dumb with ignoring obvious signs something is off and blaming it on a faction that had been avoiding to do anything to upset the COG for 6 months by the time Gears 4 happened.

And in case you missed it, there’s a certain other extreme weather phenomenon that high walls are meant to protect the Settlements from instead of being completely exposed to them. They weren’t designed to stop Swarm. Which just climb over them, clearly.

Also, humans are not exactly meant to be underground living cave dwellers. Or to live in bunkers forever. There’s a reason they stay on the surface when they can.

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Angry Russian metro sounds

To answer the title question:

Yes. Definitely yes. Such greedy, dirty little animals’

A bold claim, considering you’re defending a species that currently is literally just trying to kill the humans because they’re being petty and have no actual reason to with the Lambent and Imulsion gone.

What? Eh?! Que?

Whilst they were the original reasons to emerge, due to Adam’s incompetence, they are no longer the only ones.They have plenty of reason at this stage. Humanity have long overstayed their welcome and in turn with mass genocide (of even their own kind) and the murder of Queen’s original body, the Swarm are completely justified in enacting revenge on them.

Let’s hope this time they get what they deserve.

Humans also never actually contested their living space nor were looking to have anything else to do with your mass murdering lizard skinned pets, but you still had to come back for seconds despite having free reign over the remainder of the Hollow again. You’d do well to remember that whatever Niles was doing, it was a small minority of moral-lacking people who caused the entire mess in the first place, not all of humanity. Yet you had to make things worse by attacking outright not once, but twice. And I don’t see humans being forced to commit genocide when everything would have been wiped out by the Lambent as a thing that was their own fault because the Locust put it on them since even attempting to you know, warn them of the threat Imulsion actually posed was too hard for precious little Myrrah because of Niles being an idiot and ■■■■■■ while he would have been condemned for his heinous crimes by most other humans.

Note that I’m not defending politicians of the COG and UIR deciding to fight over Imulsion and conflicting ideologies. I ain’t standing for that nonsense.

They never knew of the Locust’s existence, which is fortunate as they would’ve immediately became hostile.

This sentence contradicts itself. How can it be appealing to have control over what REMAINS of your original destroyed home, which took a very long time to establish. That’s an insult.
As for coming back for seconds, it’s nothing of the sort! The Locust were murdered by Adam’s Anti-Imulsion Device to near-extinction, or so everyone thought. They obviously evolved and have a chance at revenge, which anyone in the same position would take.

Not all of the Locust attacked humanity, technically, yet they were all “killed”. Same principle.
Look at the Lightmass Bombing for example, all those poor Kryll and Corpsers.

The first time the Locust did not have choice. Humanity was given a chance through Adam, who failed.
As for the second attack, it’s a choice they’d be foolish not to make, as said above.

It was their fault. Humanity had already been fighting a war with itself for 79 years by this stage over imulsion alone. They’re not shy of genocide and would not hesitate to openly attack the Horde instantly upon Queen Myrrah attempting to work with them. This would have given up the element of surprise which was very advantageous, wiping out 25% of Sera’s population on E-Day.

Careful now…

I don’t disagree with this, he probably would. But I do have absolutely no doubt that had he been successful to the extent of being able to control the Locust, the COG would’ve certainly shown an interest.

Indeed, but it still happened. As said before: Such greedy, dirty little animals!

Neither did all humans, yet civilians or members of the military who did not have to do with the Locust were also murdered indiscriminately. What of the new generation who had nothing to do with those who fought in or prior to the Locust War beyond having them as parents? What did they do wrong to deserve getting killed by a misplaced desire for revenge that is a direct consequence of the results from actions that the Locust forced on humanity by attacking them?

You never even consider WHY Adam had to rush the countermeasure. Maybe if the Locust hadn’t forced humans to fight against a foe hell-bent on wiping them out for reasons that they were not even aware of, they would not have created the Lightmass Bomb and destroyed the Kryll breeding grounds, they would not have flooded parts of the Hollow and allowed the Lambent to proliferate underground, which forced Adam to speed up his research on the countermeasure before he perfected it to a point where it would not do harm to the remaining Locust when it was triggered.

Sure, Niles’ hubris created the Locust and prevented him from seeing the freedom that they wanted, but everything else that happened afterwards is their fault alone, because they decided to go on the war path immediately, instead of even bothering to check whether any humans were even willing to consider a truce against a common foe that was not just a danger to those living underground but above ground too.

You’re good at digging new tunnels. Just get working instead of wasting time fighting a pointless battle that nobody asked for. You’re no better than those past generations of humans you’re accusing of being so terrible by doing this.

Until she stops being all petty, I have no respect for Myrrah. And since that’s not happening, while you insist on throwing more of your kind to their graves, I have no reason to change my attitude either.

Well they waged war for nearly 80 years,
Let their researches build an enemy that nearly wiped them out.
Had to blow up the energy source they fought over for nearly 80 years to defeat the threat they made themselves
Dumped the entombed Locust in former mining locations(not in the deepest ocean or so),…WITH THEIR WEAPONS…because what could go wrong.
And more

The humanity of Sera definitely deserves a few honourable mentions in the Darwin Awards

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Rather a pointless counter-point as it’s an expansion of exactly what I said. There were innocents in the Hollow that were not necessarily part of the military.

But as for the descendants. Sins of the Father. Queen Myrrah is the Swarm’s Mother. Humanity is responsible for her imprisonment, torture and eventual demise and until they are eradicated they have no paid the price.

The Queen did not have that kind of time. The Lambent were winning the war in the Hollows, they were taking over more and more territory as time passed, save for inner Nexus. She couldn’t risk waiting any long. Adam had more than enough time, he just didn’t utilise it effectively.

As we’ve already discussed, it wasn’t immediately. The Queen offered humanity a chance by approaching Adam, she could’ve easily ordered the attack without even doing that. You also can’t seriously blame her for not trusting humanity.

Say they made a truce and fought together, able to overcome and annihilate the Lambent through force and Adam’s technology. What would happen afterwords? The Locust and Humans would happily live in amongst each other? No, there would be no trust in the end due to humanity’s nature. War would be inevitable.

I know. Let’s see. “Just get working”. Ah, right. We’ve killed your Mother, loved ones and comrades. We’ve also destroyed your entire civilisation. But no worries, you’re back now! We’ve left some shovels down there, so no hard feelings!

Typical human arrogance.

Petty? She was experimented on by humanity for the vast majority of her childhood. She was also robbed of her child and told she was dead. This isn’t someone who has had an easy life. You cannot call her ‘petty’.

I only speak the truth about who’s the real protagonists in this story.

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After reading this I have to ask,

Are you a Enclave supporter?

It doesn’t not interest me in the absolute slightest in general, but in this case it’s the most glorious Enclave to ever exist….fictionally…

:pensive: of course you are.

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They probably are, although hey, it’s not like our humanity in real life is any better, so…

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