Are the Carmine Brothers Quadrouplets? THEORY

Ok so in case some of you haven’t heard of the term “quadrouplets” it’s basically 4 sets of twins instead of 2. People use the shorter term “quads” as well.

Anyways I have a theory about the 4 brothers being either identical or fraternal quad brothers.

Ok so what we know about twins is that they have similar names or similar sounding names or names with similar meanings. That’s not always the case but let’s say it is. Their names go in alphabetical order A, B, C, and most likely D and no GARY IS NOT THE 4TH CARMINE BROTHER as D carmine is stated to be the second eldest if I am correct while Anthony and Benjamin are the last two. Also Gary looks a bit younger than not only JD, Kait, and Del but also Benjamin himself who is the youngest brother.

What else do we know about twins? They all have similar voices IF they’re identical. And who are the 3 brothers with similar voices? Anthony and Benjamin and Clayton. It could be that just Anthony and Benjamin are twins as their voices are pretty much identical and not Clayton or D carmine at all. Clay’s voice is a lot more raspy and slightly deeper while A and B are higher pitch with no raspiness. And yes I’m aware they all share the same voice actor but is their a coincidence? D carmine may share the same voice as them too…if he’s ever released that is…And Gary doesn’t share this trait so that’s further proof he isn’t a brother at least to me. But most likely clays son judging by his tattoo. And A and B have similar body shapes as did Clayton in his recruit clay carnine skin in gears 3 further supporting my theory somewhat.

But ANYWAYS that’s all I hope we receive an answer possibly but yeah xd that’s my theory. I’m a big fan of the Carmine brothers and I really like their characters.

I don’t know if I could buy them being quadruplets, as one of the main criteria would be he being the same age. I’m game Ben is portrayed as being younger and Clayton is portrayed as being an older more experienced soldier.

Now, I don’t think we can overlook the possibility that the carmine clan (minus Gary) are genetically engineered super soldiers bread to be the cogs most elite fighting force. Just think about it, why would Marcus Felix, the single greatest soldier in the cogs history, be training a rookie on his first day? Because that rookie has been created to surpass Marcus in effectiveness. Marcus, having seen through the cogs plan, allows Ben to die the way any carmine should, pointlessly.

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I’m pretty sure somewhere it does say that Ben Carmine is younger than the others - so they can’t be quadruplets…

There could be more siblings though (I’m pretty certain there’s meant to be at least one more)

Also Gary is Clayton’s son.

This should help.

If they’re different age and ranked from youngest to oldest, it kinda makes sense that they may not have been twins or born as quadruplets.


I hope the 4 brother will come into light in Gears 5. The Carmine brothers have always been my favorite!

I doubt it.

I think there should be a Carmine going A-Z

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