Are Stats broken?

Any game I finish, my summary is the same. My Versus stats have not moved an inch. Basically, whatever my stats are in the Stats view right now, every game is showing me the same numbers at the end.

Just let the community build you a damn stat compilation UI and release the stats for all players? Halo Reach had some amazing depth to the stats. I well remember noticing the weapon I wasn’t paying much attention to and going back and working on my game. I literally moved my game up by realizing the potential of a lesser weapon.

Why are so many silly little things broken in gow5 all the time? My own GPs are sometimes not adding up after games, till I return a day later.

Who the hell is your head of engineering - are they slave to eventual consistency?

The stats have been rigged for quite a while now. I’d say at least 50% of it is not tracking properly.

I gave up my hopes for those to ever be corrected.

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Yeah, they’ve been broken for quite awhile. A year in and they still aren’t keeping accurate stats. Seems like some of my stats were tracked (like total wins) while others seem to never move at all. I was saying on another thread how Halotracker for H4 was an awesome site which kept really in depth stats. But I was told that no such site exists for Gears 5. I would have been happy with minimal but functional stats, though at this point I don’t even care a lick. I’m kind of over this game and looking forward to some new games this fall.

It’s actually laughable how bad the stats are, not even the tracking more about how boring they are in comparison to every other gears

I love looking at stats and I know thousands do too so it’s a big issue really

I’ve teh same experience. Wins seem to be changing. Though, I don’t trust that number either. How can you? How does one rely on anything from the stats view when you know some are not working for damn sure.

I really wish, TC would have not released half-a55ed features. They tried to do so much and failed on so many fundamental things that when things like something does click beautifully you know it’s at the cost of a failed experience.

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