Are some of the medals a bit too insane to complete?

I maybe the only one that sees it this way but i know i wouldn’t be able to master all the hives on the hardest difficulty nor get 12 waves of horde frenzy done on inconceivable, since everytime i want complete either of these is to hop in with randoms knowing that either they leave immediately or overextend and die causing the rest of us to die, could they possibly add something to making finding people to do these Medals with? So i don have to gamble my time just to fail and give up

Theres multiple ways to find people to play with. I play with a lot of people from here. You also have LFG. Just make a thread.

Playing with randoms is always a “risk”


When it comes to finding people for these things I’d say well uh the GOW Forums seems to work out, or at least in my experience it has-

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Custom lobbies are your best best.

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I’d rather do that than play ranked. At all.


Some medals are supposed to be hard.

The Escape ones will probably require you hook up with like minded people rather than randoms. I hear the OP 4 Hives are harder than Op 3. Escape on Master is hard to get good at in my opinion - very different to Horde. My only advice is to practice. Half the battle is having the knowledge. I see so many players make stupid decisions because they overestimate themselves or underestimate the enemy.

The FFA part of Diversified might be the one that troubles me, cos I’m not much of a PVP player.

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does anyone else find “win a match in every ranked game mode hard” for me i just can’t win Free for All


I’ve had the lead a few times but 2nd is the best I’ve done.

Thought eventually I’d win by a fluke.

Medals insane? No.
Achievements insane? Hell yeah…


It takes time to get good at anything. Dont forget you have 18 weeks to do this, which is plenty of time to “get good”.

I personally believe these medals are some of the easiest we have had in an OP. Imagine having to do the 10 Op1 hives on master in 13 weeks, not knowing what we know now about Master Escape.

That’s what I did for Finger Point… and now TC has thrown it in the store. For all the lack of care I have for “exclusivity” otherwise, that one is just a slap in the face for all the effort, restarts and frustration that went into Op 1 Master hive runs only to have anyone be able to buy it in the Store at no further expense but a little bit of time for coins. Why should I have bothered with things like attempting to(and eventually succeeding in) mastering The Hive on its launch week because I didn’t know whether you were required to master it within the featured time slot for the hive or not, when I could just have bought the damn thing a few months later?


Would you really buy this right now? I wouldn’t. Not after seeing the emote.

No, just annoying that you had to go through all that effort for something like that and now anybody can buy it with very little effort or skill needed.

That medal was OP.

TC nerfed it lol.

Yeah, I feel bad for the people who did it this way, and for those who did it in Op2 (although the challenge nor the emote wasnt as difficult/good as Op1).

i wouldn’t blame you there