Are Servers down?

Cant get in a game of ranked tdm, anyone else having issues?

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Servers down. Still getting booted from horde.

Hopefully they are fixing the skill point system :joy::joy:

Crisis over they’re back up

It’s done so done

It’d be great if EVERY time i got on the servers didnt go down. It’s pretty annoying.

Got booted from FFA

It was you!!!
Just kidding, kinda funny tho.

Keep getting booted from all matches. Ranked won’t even find me a lobby. Unable to purchase iron. Game is 100% broken right now.

Servers are down for me too. Happened in the middle of a match…cool

TC you guys make it too easy to play other games

Might be back up. Just got a full FFA lobby.

This is still happening on horde can t do public …

Cant connect to Gears of War server. This is crap