Are Season 0/1/2 Tiers Going To Be Updated? Mine Is Bugged

Every season so far, my ranks have not been properly reflected on the websites “YOUR SEASON X TIERS” section. I’ve been properly rewarded for the Diamonds etc I’ve achieved but the site does not reflect. As an example Season 2 I’ve got to Diamond in every playlist but Warzone/Arms Race and yet the site shows I did not get any rank for Season 2. I mainly play on PC but got to Diamond in Season 0 on Xbox.

Yes since Warzone and Arms Race were removed from the game, the previous season ranks for them always show unranked. This is for everyone. I remember someone bringing it up on a QnA livestream but they never got back to us on it.

@anon86589457 can you forward this info to the web team so they can fix this? I remember @TC_Octus asked for info regarding this so you could look into it

None of the other game modes have an issues, AFAIK