Are realistic graphics or highly detailed graphics still impressive to you

Maybe it’s just me but I just read an article about TC’s UE 5 tech demo about how a full character model from the 360 generation can fit inside of an eyelash of a character created now and I couldn’t care lass.

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Characters from the 360 generation also looked a lot better. The more realistic and hyper detailed the characters look, the worse they look.

Character models can look amazing nowadays but I would say the environments and realistic weather systems that developers can make are the most impressive advancement.

A good example to be aware of is the legend of Zelda: Windwaker because it is bright, colourful and cartoony (Stylised) it will always look good whereas a game with realistic graphics will eventually look terrible by modern standards. Humans with lifeless expressions and soulless eyes.

Gameplay is still the most important aspect of a game even if companies continue to say that players expect the best looking game possible so the budget has to rival that of an economy of a small country.

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People nowadays think Realistic Graphics = Good Game, but it’s DogS in Gameplay.

I prefer having 1080p with Massive Content than 2K with Trash Content.

Not so Sure why developers choose to impress the visual reality, but they forgive up on focusing on the Game System, it seems the System isn’t developed for many Years.

There’re so Many Core System “Things” can be added or improved.

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Gears is a fantastic looking series but thats not what brings me back to the game. Its the gameplay that matters to me.


When I see hyper-realistic graphics I am impressed, and it is incredible how well some can look, but, without intention of detracting from that achievement, I am not really looking for a game for its graphics, I like more how much fun it can be, it is also It is true that when content from the past is recreated, from 360 for example, to a larger graphic engine, sometimes it is not 100% faithful to how it looked in 360, also personally, gears makes it excellent in its graphic quality, and the only thing I hope is that they don’t sacrifice the aesthetically good for the totally realistic, I prefer semi cartoonish faces and ways of moving and a body language that looks aesthetically good to something totally realistic that looks a bit bad, because, come on, in real life not everything we do looks so cool jsjsjsj

No, they aren’t.

I’m really enjoying Splitgate more than anything rn and it’s graphics are way below gears 5

I get the sense that developers and marketing departments for publishers put more emphasis on graphics. Alot of gamers I know have a barely minimum requirement when it comes to expectations, but they’re more concerned about the gameplay, longevity and stuff like that.

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I hate it because it just means whenever I get the base version of whatever next gen console load times are gonna lag menus and it’s run worse than the Xbox one series x supersize mega ultra. Like bro Gears 3 models were fine but na they gotta make sure those load screens are nice and long hahahahahahahahahaha

gears 1 baird is literally a better looking baird than any other gears variation.

gameplay over graphics anyday.

less pastry guts is always better…

Nah Gears 1 Dom>>> old baird looks like someone glued some french fries onto his head.

Baird and Kim were the worst looking characters in the old games and needed the most work done to them.

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your opinion. :+1:t6: