Are PC players going to be penalized when the game crashes and can't rejoin the last session?

This doesn’t happen to me often but I’ve seem some people (some friends of mine also) whose game crashes on PC and when they try to rejoin the match it says the match has finished and can’t rejoin.

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Most definitely yes. It’s a shame too, I can’t remember a time when the rejoin option actually worked properly on pc.


they said they’re working on the problem let’s just hope it gets fixed soon you can also get banned if the lobby dissolves sometimes

My game crached during the first round of escalation. I rejoined immediately and won the game but somehow my percentage went down because of it. This game just keeps getting worse after every update.

After update 09/08/2018. This game has three crash in less 10 minutes. The only game that crash in my pc. I’m so tired this trash.