Are large-scale battles possible in the game?

is it possible to connect the battlefield and gears? Big map. More players.Classes. Vehicle.Giant robots & brumak. Remove dominance gnasher. Remove the “room” shackles,how did it happen with call of duty. Is it possible?

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The game can barely handle more than 15-20 AI present at the same time in PvE. Don’t think it would look any better in PvP. Especially considering what a mess PvP is in its current state.


Short answer is no lol.

Gears just doesn’t have the population for large scale battles. Just because it worked in one game or another does not mean it will work in another.

If it went that way fine but I honestly can’t see a Gears game with extremely large maps and 20 v 20 or whatever. Hell they can’t even keep the current modes consistent enough.

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