Are Gears Servers Down?

Are Gears 5’ss servers down? It’s saying to check my internet connection, but everything is working fine.

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Believe in yourself

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Same here

Yeah, I think they are, or something else is going on. I am stuck on loading map for the last 5 minutes now. Give it a few minutes and might come back.

Yes I was stuck in the loading screen so I restarted the game and it says I’m not connected to gears online so I’m gonna restart console and see. I believe…

There were Microsoft / XBL issues earlier in the evening. Is it still going on? (I don’t actually know. Have been out this evening).

Yeah, services are wonky atm. Me and the squad are unable to play anything at this moment.

Well the status page says it’s NBA 2K22 but Gears 5 remains offline so must be across the board.

Ugh, I just renewed Xbox Live Gold lol.

Interesting, games will not install either right now.

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Yep, I keep getting an ‘Estana’ error code.

Yep, same here too, but as mentioned above, Xbox Live had some issues earlier so I guess Gears 5 is still having issues.

Estana means a place of bad net coding.

It’s paradise for high and fluctuating pingers.

It’s where bad internet users go when they die if they believe.

Or they just play Gears.

I’m already there.

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I don’t care that people with garbage internet want to play Gears.

I have a problem with TC thinking that they need to have a fighting chance and somewhat equivalent gameplay experience to someone playing on hardwired pure fibre to the home. The lag compensation is way too aggressive.

Some of the connections I run across, and even my at work connection, should be totally unplayable in versus. My packet loss at work is something like 50%. Like, it should basically not be possible to get a kill, but yet it is.

Is a connection that bad an advantage? No. There is a threshold that is passed where it’s definitely a disadvantage, but even so there is obviously a ton of lag compensation making the gameplay experience even possible, and it’s wrecking the game for everyone else in that lobby.

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No worries man lol.

McDonald’s WiFi nirvana is just a pipe dream for me.

Unfortunately my net zero free dial up for life wasn’t for life after all.


That’s unfortunate.

Maybe your local Starbucks can provide an experience as good as mine lol

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Why not get Game Pass Ultimate?

It’s just not for me. I prefer a physical copy of a game instead of a digital download.

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Ditto. I’m proper old school. If I could afford a flat with an extra bedroom I wouldn’t use it for another person, but would use it to store all my games, music CD’s etc.

Awh yeah, that’s the dream right there.