Are gears 4 and 5 pc servers having a stroke?

i mean really WTF? i log in yesterday on gears 5 and i cant play because of ping at150+ so i figured ok my pc is having a small connection problem right? nope i log on the next day its still the same and yes i know a lot of people have this problem on a daily basis especially in the UK but up until the day before yesterday i had good connection with like 30+ ping at the most its stayed that way since the September release so i got tired of it and thought maybe ill try gears of war 4 … nope almost as bad got a few kills against some poor players with even worse ping than i have but you know eventually the bad connection caught up with me after one match and losing gnasher fights simply because of bad ping is demoralizing and upsetting. whats happening up there TC its already bad enough you guys warped the gears ip into something it really never Was but on top of that i cant even play your oddball outlook on gears. BTW im on us west coast severs and i live on the west coast so yea… lots of fun.

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I’m having a rough go the last two days. Ping for me is normal 70-100, but it’s extra unbelievable and shows a connection icon on bottom right when dead.

I’m playing really bad, but blaming the servers