Are EU players back in action yet?

Hows the EU servers after the ‘silent’ update.

R u joking?


Where are you from


I was playing all last night on TDM and was in Eu severs 20-30 ping all night, tried one execution my favourite mode but that was all 90 ping plus

The last couple of days were as I feared. An anomaly.

This afternoon, back to US servers and everything that is associated with a high ping game.

Seriously, they have the azure network at their disposal and this is the result. Why do devs prioritize matchmaking speed over quality???

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It’s still a disaster. Me and my mates play most nights and we are lucky if we get 70-80 ping. 100+ is the norm. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been placed into the correct server region. Coalition are jokers.

Games an absolute joke, run exe everynight with 3-5 stack and we never, EVER get EU servers, it’s a joke, not to mention the constant missing XP and failure to gather game information after playing every game.

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First game on Gnasher only KOTH, 140ms.

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Was on last night and my ping was below 30ms. Hope it’s ok for tonight.

Sounds like the playerbase might of already taken a hit if someone people are getting decent pings and other are not. I hope I’m not right but potentially killed the EU side of this game.


343 did the same thing with halo 5 at launch and pretty much killed the game outside of the USA

80% of matches with 100 ping. 20% 20-30 ping.
All ranked is high ping. Quick koth gnasher only somtimes low ping.

Still bad.

Finding most lobbies have 200ms+ players just now, still occasionally high ping of my own.

It really is pot luck to what happens in games atm.

I am back on EU servers for all game modes I have tried other than execution, I was 90 ping in that game mode for some reason.

It’s good that on the most part I’m back on EU servers but I’m only playing people on American servers, ie 100 ping plus. I think a lot of EU players may have left the game already, which is a real shame.

In execution i played 1 game in Europe these past 2 weeks the rest was all NA, and it’s often not NA East, but most often NA North or NA South, can’t really tell for Escalation since i don’t have the heart to start a game after losing 11k points with their rank update and having to play with begginer for like 40 games in a row before finally maybe having an interesting game to play again.