Are Custom Lobbies In a Good Spot Functionality Wise?

I like that you can sort and filter custom lobbies, that’s really cool and important. I think the only two things I would change is an option to toggle lobby settings being saved or reset and a prompt to name your lobby when creating one.

Besides that and some ghost lobbies I think I’m pretty comfortable with the current state of them. Only so much you can fit on that screen I think.

The screen before joining could display A LOT more information.


I always forget that screen exist lol. You’re totally right like classes for example.

Or things that get you kicked instantly. Or the class-lvl /card setup of the host / other classes.

When it comes to custom lobbies, its normally the host with ridiculous requirements and the threat of kicking that turns me away. When I host, I simply let people know I don’t care what their play style is. We’re here to play, or in Horde. I don’t care what level class you are. You’re playing that class to level it up. Who am I to stop you?

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Havent hosted in a while, (only escape) mine is usually titled “good playrs only” and yes theres always people that believe they’re good but my view is different so they get kicked.

In horde if i see lobbys with demands i never join them.

I think the main thing missing, is a way for all players to indicate whether they’re ready or not. A simple system of clicking a button to turn on a green light next to each player’s gamertag would go a long way.


Yup. I think it should tell you what classes have already been chosen. Maybe even the class level, and/or the player’s reup level.

Also a few more bits like if the host has any specific demands, then best to get them out in the open at the start (any specific classes, what kind of a depositing regime they’re operating etc).

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this would be great honestly…

Kinda curious; how many here have certain skins/characters banned from their lobbies?

There are quite a few imo that are notorious for being bad at the game. Benjamin and Gary are prime examples. You’re more likely to find a goldnugget by jumping into the nearest river than getting a decent player using either of those.

Same with Master-marks; some may be decent, but most are absolute dog-■■■■ in PvE.

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I’m kind of the same way in a sense and the only time I’ll kick people out is if they’re intentionally trolling or just being a jerk.

I am 100% on board with this idea.

Benjamin is actually my versus character…

But point taken. I am extremely mediocre at PVP.

With PVE… I personally don’t ban certain character skins, but The New Day tend to annoy me.


PvP is a different story - I’m referring to PvE-lobbies.

Best emote-spammers you’ll ever find - absolutely useless for everything else.

This reminds me of an OSOK game I played a few days ago (as Benjamin) where the other team liked to rush up close range (which is something that really annoys me in OSOK). These guys weren’t all that good, but I decided to go along with it, and in between reloads and bounces I’d spam the laugh emote constantly to put them off. It seemed to work - I ended the match with a healthy 11-0 k/d ratio. I’m a total ba5tard for sure.

That’s how I play
Your supposed to rush
Gears is CQC

Oh? But rifles and sniper rifles…! Either way, CQC didn’t really do much for these guys. Laughter won out.

New day?

Those annoying wrestler guys. If you haven’t seen them or come across them, then thank your lucky stars!

Unfortunately now that you’ve described them to me I now remember who they are and how I regard them as the most annoying characters in the entire game even more annoying than the Casan laugh emote.

“POOOOO-SA-TI-VA-TY!!! :smiley: