Are cog gear and inside out cog gear two separate people

I just noticed that helmet less cog gear and inside out cog gear look like they have two different faces. Inside out has longer hair and a lighter skin tone. I know that the voice actor is the same but just an interesting change. Also inside out doesn’t say the name

Yes. The two named COG gears (Casan and the other one…Vermelo?) are unique.

That’s not what he’s asking.

He’s asking if the regular COG Gear (male) and the Inside Out COG Gear (again, male) are two different people since they have different faces.



I also noticed it.

Inside Out Gear

Helmetless Gear

And I prefer the Helmetless one. :sunglasses:

Helmetless E-Day and V-Day Gears in GoW4

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Yeah definitely looks like a different guy. Also, when he talks the subtitle says "COG Gear: " instead of “Private Vermelo.” It’s the same voice actor, though, right? Haven’t played with this character much, before today.