Are chrome steel skins over?

Haven’t seen them on a while, and the last ones were poorly made

No, they’re not.

I have absolutely no idea when they’ll be back as TC don’t believe in proper quality advertising or building any remote kind of hype, despite the fact doing so would bring up the community’s morale and make it a more positive place than it current is.


One would think that a major E-sports event would be enough to have the store plagued with stuff up for sale, but as @GB6_Kazuya pointed out, all we know is that TC works in mysterious ways, you just need to have faith :smile:

I hope that at some point they remember how well Black Steel skins sold so they decide to bring them back.

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To be fair, Black Steel skins looked cooler; and the RNG factor meant that some people bought lots of packs to complete sets or to get as many characters from that set as possible.

I only started buying them from Pack #6 which guaranteed a character. That RNG BS with payed content is dead & buried. I remember I bought waaaaaaaay more stuff than I needed in the BS mega sale, wallet wasn’t happy but no regrets,

Chrome Steel is nothing special and the fact that I rarely see them in-game makes me think they don’t sell so well. I know Dana said BS is a thing of the past but since they have back racked on so many things so far, the hope to see BS again is a good thing.