Are bots OP in versus?

I’ve seen bots tank two, three gnasher spreads before going down and gotten chunked after barely witnessing an impossible roll or a split second weapon switch. Not to mention going up against a team with bots in arcade is a shitshow because you can’t peek out of cover without getting headshot or insta downed with an assault rifle :man_facepalming:


Yikes, I ain’t mind no bots

They’re an inconvenience to me at most

They are usually easy to deal with but they sometimes pull some cheeky ■■■■.

I had one down me, started to teabag me then take its distance as I was getting up so it could down and teabag me again only to have it wait for me to get up again so it could tag me with a flash grenade.
As I died from third and long it teabagged again.

Yesterday I was two-pieced by a bot in beginner co-op vs. Ai right after he ate four 0% point blanks.

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I hate it when they down me. Stand over me while I’m mashing the A button, run away, do a lap of the map and come back and kill me the millisecond before I’m back up.


There are those times where a bot takes out one guy then rolls behind another guy and kills him. I’d rather face bots than real people tho

They’re designed to make the perfect shot, even in impossible situations. I’ve had them doing things like turning 180 degrees and during the turning and without pause make a Gnasher headshot. My most favourite was watching the replay of how one used a Boomshot: during movement when it began jumping over cover, it shot through a small hole and hit me like 30 metres away. They never even tried making those bots realistic, I don’t understand why they didn’t just take the AI of Gears 4 which was fine to me.

Because they were desperate to make the game “skillful”… and the idea of making a game that’s FUN is not really a priority…

I learned the basics of gears PvP against beginner bots in GoW4… imagine trying to do that against “beginner” bots in G5? A joke… you’d leave after about 5min and never touch the game again…

The bots used to be braindead on Beginner up until a few months ago. Now they’re smarter and will whip out their Gnashers once you try any sort of CQC, whereas before they would never put away their Lancers.

Some games the A.I. is as dumb as a rock, others they are more skilled than a professional player.
I prefer the rocks, as a non fan of PvP, i only play it for the Op’s, and it is always Vs A.I.

And yeah, the hardcore A.I. is a pain in the rear end for sure.

The bots used to be scaled based on difficulty in Gears 4, not sure if they used to be the same in Gears 5. I wouldn’t have issues with them not being braindead stupid in even the lowest Coop vs AI difficulty setting it they didn’t pull random rolls into players, shooting mid-animation, completely ignoring someone who is shooting at them, and the worst of them, almost impervious to missing accuracy. Although I guess it’s not as bad as Elite Drones in Horde.

It’s worse when a team mate revives with a clear threat still there and you have nowhere to go

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