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Are aimbotters common?

(SugarsCain) #1

Hi, not trying to be harsh just wondered if aimbotters were actually a thing in this game? The only time I can think of a time with aimbotters is encountering people who are too good with the Boltok, but even then I normally put it down to indescribable skill haha, just wondered everyone else’s opinion,

(Asurazu Rasu) #2

They definitely do exist.

(Omen LP) #3

There are several videos on youtube from fairly reputable and trustworthy players showing pretty clear evidence of aimbots… Personally I’ve never come across one, but I mostly play with crossplay off, so that doesn’t mean much…

(Potato Boy 025) #4

PC Player here.

They are not common. I’ve come across 1 in my life and it was in social. It is also very easy to tell who has an aimbot with 1 mistake from them.

(AliceInChainsaw) #5

Linking to this thread because it was just posted a couple days ago and answers what you are asking.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #6

They are not common at all. But, they do exist. As far as someone being good with boltok or getting seemingly impossible shots, keep in mind that this is a LONG running series with players who have literally thousands of hours of practice. You can see people getting all kinds of crazy shots on YouTube. I’ve had several point blank around the corner boltok 1 shot headshots. I once 2-shot killed a player across the map on Gridlock who had a meat shield. And I’m not even a great player.

(Potato Boy 025) #7

TC looks into it regardless. If a player exposes another legit player for aimbot and that legit player is still playing matches, TC likely looked into it and just didn’t ban him. You only get banned if you’re actually cheating.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #8

Not sure what you’re referring to or if you quoted the wrong person.

I agree about what you said, but it’s MS that first investigates when you use the report system. You can report to TC on Twitter.

(TotalMadMike) #9

Nowadays I mostly play Social for fun, and I’ve encountered about 4/5 people using aimbots on PC since I started playing Gears 4 (don’t know if it’s also possible on Xbox?) Most of them don’t respond when I accuse them of using one.

So they’re not that common, but they are out there…

(Goodacre) #10

apparently every PC user you see is an aimbotter according to some people on the forums.

(Rs Procells) #11

Only if u play with PC players

(EVIL 0NE) #12

Hey everyone…

So on this board, we do not discuss these kinds of exploits on this board. If you feel you are being abused by someone using these kinds of tool. Please, please, gather video proof and you can send a DM to @CoalitionGears on twitter, or PM a @forum-mods so it can be properly handled.

Thank you.

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