Architect Cards?

With the newly buffed Promo classes I’ve been enjoying the Architect. It is by no means the most efficient or powerful engineer, but I particularly love their Ult, and shooting things in the back in general.

For Horde specially I struggle finding the best skill combination. I like Decoy Duration AND Increased duration while dealing ballistic damage but find if I want to run both I need to sacrifice Stim Batteries.

The increased Stim (which looks significant on paper) does not seem as effective in practice - but I want their regenerating stim card to be as useful as possible by having as much stim as able.

As an engineer I don’t want to sacrifice Efficient Repair, nor do I want to get rid of Deception as it’s one of the only reliable forms of damage for the Architect and obviously synergizes well with their Ult.

Thoughts? What should I be running for Horde? Is double stim worth it?

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I run
Extend Holo
Tool efficient
More holo time
Repairing decreasing utl duration

Stim batteries is cool but you rarely at full


This makes sense. I’ll try it. Stim Batteries might have more functionality when the Stim regeneration is maxed out so there’s an actually chance of fully utilizing it.

Being able to spam your Ult more frequently would also preclude the need for max stim since you’ll theoretically be getting shot at less.

I’d have a hard time ditching Deception but realistically other people should be doing damage for you.

Honestly stim batteries for horde isn’t good
For escape it is

Your role as architect is to provide utility
Stim bats Doesn’t help with that


No. And neither is playing Kat. Bairds DR1 serves the same purpose ( distracting enemies attention away from you) and actually deals damage. Not to mention that Bairds Dmg-potential is way better than Kats.

About what I would say, except we disagreed on the stim part heh.

Ok check It my man
In a team setting architect needs to provide utility
I don’t see this class as a dmg class

These 5 cards are the core

need the tool
need hologram cards
Stim once high enough is amazing
Leaves room for 1 more card

The root kit card means you can keep distracting and providing utility

Stim batteries doesn’t go as far as getting your ULT back quicker

I have to disagree there, the Holo now does a better Job and if you use deception you can do some great amounts of damage.
The hologram can’t die, and it can distract a snatcher ie. forever, even without deception.

I agree why I would switch out rootkit for the fortification damage.
You can use the stim for my deception ?

I updated that post

I can see where you would put deception
But I like stim so I can push out a bit and setup stuff

I expect the team to do dmg not me

The hologram cards help enough for snatcher

Snatcher gets wrecked by hologram + shock nade

That’s the fun part though, arguing about the perfect setup.
Cookie cutter like the Infiltrator is great but also stale.
I like seeing that 200% damage hit home, but yeah if you get a Kestrel it might be completely wasted.

Snatcher is the worst example you could have used. Bleeding DR1 and Experimental OVK go through Snatchers like hot knifes through butter. Even at max poison. And a dead Snatcher is better than a distracted one.

This whole topic is whatever to me at this. I just find it hilarious how it’s always people defending promos who didn’t max out the class in question.

But we aren’t talking about RE
Architect is Garbo compared to all the other engineers but we still need to max them out

Infiltrator is fun to run the stim batteries setup when faster ultimate is a mutator
You can get your ult every other round
It’s fun to run around executing stuff

A-are you being held hostage? Blink twice if your life is in danger!

Dude why are you being so literal

Edit : about to do today’s daily escape and let my phone charge
Have fun guys

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Ok yeah the snatcher is probably the easiest of the bunch.
It works on a Swarmak too, mostly on a matriarch(except the general eraticness) and even on a Wakaakatu, oddly hardly ever on a Kestrel or a guardian)
But if you take percentages in calculations. I would still take a Robo or a Mech above that.
Assuming they have a clue, and there is my general caveat.

Uhh if I held people hostage, they’d probably be in a deadlock :wink:
And I am still unsure what that kitty cat has between the legs, in vino veritas :man_shrugging:

I’m definitely not defending them. In my case I just like playing something new with a couple novel cards.

I run
hologram duration
ballistic hits extend hologram
200% flanking dmg for tri shots
Stim batteries. Though I could probably drop that.

When the game came out I picked the architect over mechanic before I realized their gross lack of cards. By the time I found out I already had it lvled up and just stuck with it. Then Robotics Expert came out and that became my main engi class. I still play Architect for fun and I like that hologram. You can literally keep it out for an entire boss wave.

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