Arcade: why is no one talking about this?

From what I can tell Arcade has this ongoing issue where you’ll join a server that’ll either have severe lag spikes (everyone is jittering around) or you’re stuck on the stat screen (or both)

It’s been like this for 2 ops now, How is this still not fixed? (Especially when you have dailies attached to it)


For me it was the second one yesterday but after 1 or 2 minutes it corrected itself.
My team also won so I got a star for the daily.

Glad you got it working man (still I think waiting a minute sucks as it should work straight away)

Normally it just idles out for me and I never actually get a chance to play it

I had to search for 5 matches today to land one that worked

I got this screen for that 1-2 minutes…

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Because most people don’t care about Arcade unfortunately, and not a lot of people play the mode. So it gets pushed down on the priority list, and then it doesn’t get fixed.

People either don’t bother doing those daily objectives or just re-roll them, which prolongs the issue.

It says a lot when this playlist is at the end of the social tab for VS.

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I complain about this all the time but TC clearly cares more about fixing TDM matches not ending or bots going on vacation.

Yeah man, I find it incredible that it’s been like this for at least 2 operations now and not only isn’t it fixed it’s not even on the Trello to-do list.

how understaffed are they?

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That thing is a joke in itself. According to Michael the decon-rooms will be fixed with the mid-drop next week. If you look at the trello it’s still listed as “investigating”.

Constant packet loss for me.

Same issue to me, maybe if you change your matchmaking preference to “lower ping” can help.

I have it that way but still I’m getting that issue daily

Matchmaking-settings are for ranked only and make 0 difference.

I hate Arcade, but if they’re gonna force me to win FIVE MATCHES for a daily, they ought to make sure the mode works first.

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Exactly, that’s what grinds my gears the most.

Don’t force us to reroll or to waste time waiting for a server to possibly stabilise or spending 5-10 minutes server hoping just to get our dailies

Either fix the servers or remove the daily objective

What I don’t understand is why it was never like this in operations 1-4 and why it’s also the only mode that does this

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Unpopular opinion : I adored Arcade.
Finally a dokken fresh change from that stinking , fake , skillless Gnasher gunplay , and people just ignore it.

People don’t want a change for the better.
They just want the tuning to be the best for them to pump their egoes.