Arcade room glitch is dumb

Continuing the discussion from Horde District Arcade Room… Baird Private Match:

I hate this room and people really need to stop showing new engineers about it it’s trash if you don’t know the proper setup not to mention having a good group I’ve been through so many wave 8-9 wipeouts on elite it’s not even funny . It’s a death trap unless the engineer knows his ■■■■ and even then it’s a crapshoot with the group. It’s cool but really old and I’m tired of it honestly.

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Try having a teammate waste an entire round of koth to open it up needless to say we lost smh :pensive:

It is an easter egg, not a glitch.


How’s he gonna find out if you don’t let him try? You may get wasted in the meantime but it’s whatever foo.

Trust me beating that arcade room is nothing special AT ALL. I’ve beaten it on Masters and it was the most deplorable feeling I’ve ever had playing Gears.

When your playing this game beyond peak hours it’s really hard finding matches that push you out of certain boards, so I played in it. I can’t wait for more boards to be added to Horde frenzy!