Arcade replacing Social?

I hope not, when I don’t wish to try hard or just playing on auto pilot i go to spcial. As it is still skill based and the core hearts experience. However, arcade is just chaos and not really skill based as we aren’t at an equal p!saying field there are 11 modes so hopefully social is one.

Social isn’t a mode its a playlist liked ranked. Modes are what you play in the playlist like KOTH, TDM ect

No sh*t lol…

No, there’ll be an Arcade playlist, then the regular Social playlist, that’s what Ryan said in the dev stream today.

They kept saying "Arcade modes’ though, so I’m not sure if that means there’ll be other modes in the Arcade playlist other than Arcade mode, that maybe use the Arcade system? @TC_Octus?

Thank God. I usually watch those but was busy. I will watch it tomorrow.

Ok, Seeing the “Arcade Deathmatch” makes me think the Arcade playlist may have stuff like Arcade KOTH, or Arcade Dodgeball, and stuff like that. Especially how they kept saying “Arcade Modes” for the Arcade playlist.

I was just going off of what you said. Some people dont know any better

Nice, near the end of the dev stream Ryan mentions that as they add new Hero Characters with new abilities, like for Escape I guess, they’ll add those characters to Arcade. That’s cool, considering it seemed like a slim roster to choose from on both factions.

I can see myself playing this mode a bit. It’s cool to know it’ll keep evolving to some extent.