Arcade: not enjoyable causally or competitively

Arcade has 0 skill involved at all in comparison to the other modes in any other gears games.
Getting headshotted by every gun is not fun; that’s what makes marksman rifles fun.
The classes, a joke. Marcus/Grenadier or the sniper classes or you’re asking to be lasered down, which is not fun for noobs or advanced players. The reduced wallbouncing, while its intentions were good and I agree with it, the execution is terrible. After two bounced you just stick to the the wall and get lasered by enforcers.

I can’t wait to play KOTH. I hope I’m not forced to play this trash for challenges in the full game, but I know we will be.

I have to disagree, it’s a great mode to play when you don’t feel like being Gnashered to death.


If you get gnashered it’s fair and your own fault. This is enjoyable and balanced. If you run into a Lancer and get shot down, it’s your fault and you learn from that. Getting headshotted by a snub 8 seconds after spawning halfway across the map is not fun. Clinging to a wall after two bounces and getting destroyed with enforcers is not fun.

I like it the way it is, no game is gonna ever be perfect.

The mode is meant for casuals. And it is great for casuals. It lets you learn how to play the game.

Objectively WRONG. The rest of the game is not headshotting snubs and barely any gnashers. If you learn arcade and then go to any other mode expecting to have your snub that headshots people, you wont. You will actually be negatively affected by playing it.

Thank you! I agree!

Aim and speed matter no matter what mode you play. As well as controls. You are just taking for granted what its like to be a casual.

And im not quite sure what you are talking about everyone is using gnasher in Arcade.