Arcade Mode Revealed


First map looks cool, actually so does mode. Fairplay TC :+1:

I am impressed, the most I have been since E32018

Just watched 3 times it looks feckinACE in fact


Different train position maybe ? whatever it looked great and snow map!

Actually enjoyed that trailer!

The blood splatter with GG looked nice!


Whoa! I wasn’t expecting to be that impressed. There was a lot shown off there. The first map with the train was really cool. They showed off the tags, the GG blood on the floor. The snowy map had like a frozen lake they were on, then the ice broke and the character froze and broke to pieces, cool environmentals.

The other map Kait had the big melee weapon, and the ground became this red dark bloody stuff and the Swarm character got caught in it. A whole lot of stuff was going on there.


Should have shown something like this at E3…that would have got us on board, at least we have it now and can try it out this weekend. I doubt it will be my go-to mode but certainly a nice little warm up before Ranked on a daily basis



Could have shown this and then said today we are focusing on escape and shown the escape trailer.

The audience has huge for E3 and would have generated more positive vibes.

But, it’s here now and looking good :+1:


Damn dude, i was looking forward to playing on foundation in the tech test but it doesnt look like it will be present. Disappointing.


I think “GG” is what they meant by “blood spray” which could be customised.

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Hehe. Actually this is awkward I want to still be very, very angry with TC!!! and then they release this sexy little tease…cunning devils :wink:

Yes, can’t wait to see the others!!

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I “demand” a chainsaw spray :wink:

The “Nemesis” one would be cool

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Were some of those maps alts to Training Grounds? I couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed like it. I hope we can add weather fx and those environmental hazards like shown here and like the lightening from Reclaimed Winflare with Map Builder.

Yeah this new gamemode looks bad. 1515379492416

0:03 - The character next to Kait was Fahz. It wasn’t Oscar.

0:17 - The Warden is a playable character.

0:46 - Close up of Onyx Guard as playable character.

0:49 - Lancer Grenade Launcher execution.

1:18 - Seems like you can meatshield yanked enemies in Versus?

1:42 - It looks like Hammer of Dawn strike leaves a visual effect on ground?


Yea, I think they mentioned this in a recent dev stream, and said they can’t believe they didn’t think of it for 4.

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Markza headshot now ONE-SHOTS?

The headshot damage is increased for Arcade.


Headshots are better than ever in Gears 5, and you’ll see them often in the amped up action of Arcade Mode.

Exclusively in Arcade, headshot damage is boosted to give every weapon a chance to pop heads. This makes Arcade the most fast-paced, visceral experience in Gears Versus. Aim for the head and watch them pop!

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Phew! Thanks , I was in panic :grin:

it’s no good I need to watch it again :wink:

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