Arcade idea to kill Marcus /speaker?

Will playing in arcade for tour of duty I found A LOT of Marcus or Speaker and there abilities to heal outdone most of me damage I test lanzor /serre base weapon but it difficult .

Any idea to face to face base combat with them?

If you have no choice but to face them face to face with the lancer, aim for the head and hope that your aim is better than theirs.

If you’re using a character that’s starts off with the enforcer, get close enough and you should be good if your aim is solid.

For now I use sniper class for the 100 head shot but a lot of time even with buff bullet it come short

I could be mistaken but doesn’t the longshot always one shot kills Marcus/Speaker if you get a headshot?

The only ones that seem to survive headshots from the longshot are the ones with the stim shields (forget which characters have those)

Marcus/Speaker gets stim, though I can’t remember if it’s for dealing damage or taking it

I don’t use it I’m not a longshot or markza only the snipe chars use for challenge i have bad aim with moving target I just finish the challenge but sniper is not me type of gameplay camping is opposite of what I like to do

Again, sorry if I’m mistaken, don’t play arcade much, only play it for dailies and the ToD, but don’t Marcus/Speaker glow yellow when they’re gaining health, while there’s a character(s) that gets actual stim shield, like the character would have that white/greyish square-ish effect on him. Or does that class get both of that.

@Dera_Nemira Ah gotcha. Than my first suggestions would be the best strat imo. Either aim for the head with the lancer/hammerburst if you’re forced to engage and hope for the best, or if your character starts with an enforcer, try to get close enough to deal the maximum damage on him since the enforcer outputs more DPS than the lancer at close range.

Obviously if you’re able to summon a better weapon to counter a Marcus/Speaker holding a lancer, do so.

It’s more like jack it’s not shield it’s only heal the other one that get stim by killing is scion and someone in cgu side

Hm, I haven’t played it for awhile tbh so my memory could be faulty. All I know is he’s good for getting those starter elims, then I switch to Mac to get the Freedom Lancer. :grin:

Yeah that’s a good tactic. What I do is use Fahz/Swarm Sniper and get headshots with the lancer since they count for two points instead of one. If you’ve got good aim, you’ll rack up the points very quickly.

@Dera_Nemira Ah that’s what I thought. Knew there was a stim specific character(s). Thanks for the info.

True. I don’t have good aim, so lancer it is for me.

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Yeah see that will playing sniper that one point that I like about them getting 2 skull for headshot is fast

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