Arcade horrible lags

Hey, its just me or everyone have horrible lags in Arcade? I mean lags like 10-30 secs or more, stucks after start, stuck in score tab, rollbacks after wall bouncing and more. Its rly unplayable for me. This happening to me for last 2 weeks…

Arcade is completely broken atm and TC doesn’t give a flying ■■■■.

Rn you have 3 options:

  • you get to play
  • you’re stuck on the scoreboard and if you bring up the minimap you get the “trouble connecting to server”-icon
  • or you constantly get aforementioned icon, but you’re playing with constant lag

Kilo vaguely responded about 2 months ago, but as you can see nothing changed and there’s no fix in sight. But hey, TDM is getting fixed, whoopdieho!

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I imagine TC looked into this, didn’t see the issue on their end and just assumed it was connection based on set player. Not enough people play Arcade for this problem to be heard

what a ■■■■■■■ joke lmao

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It constantly happens though. I’ve seen countless people stuck in spawn.

I get what you’re saying but think of it from TCs perspective…I just started a Arcade just to see if I got stuck, I didn’t. Probably assuming there actually isn’t any issue because people aren’t complaining about it. This is maybe the 3rd person I see bring it up here including you.

kinda weird ngl.
here’s for a wishful hoping ping

It works for me sometimes as well. And other days I waste 30 minutes and turn the game off again. There’s no system to it, it either happens or not.

And a lot more people complain about it, the threads usually just die very quickly since barely anyone plays/cares about Arcade anymore.

Such vulgarity in this thread, boys! :scream:

I love it.

I realy do not understand why anyone would play Arcade.

Ranked is unplayable and the meta revolving around 1 weapon isn’t exactly my definition of fun. Arcade is a lot better in that regard.

Surprised you posted that…


Look at the dailies they have in their screenshot.


Lol legit never read dailies.

Have flashing active reload rounds been removed from arcade ?