Arcade Gone? Why?

How come the Coalition got rid of Arcade? That’s my favorite gametype! I love the chaos of it.

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In short, there were issues with it. Sometimes people would never spawn, or for some reason, despite having acceptable ping, had an insane amount of lag. TC said it’s coming back when it gets fixed.


Due to lots of bug… But it is just a temporary removal…

The only reason I play Arcade is if forced by daily quests. Absolutely can’t stand the mode, it’s a overpowered-lancer nightmare.

Think the idea could be cool with standard tuning!


You love people teleporting all over the place and being stuck in the scoreboard with no chance to get into the game?

This mode has been utter madness for the past months, it seems it was relegated to run on a potato masquerading as a server or something.

It is off for maintenance, it will be back as soon as they figure out what is wrong with the code.

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The whole point is that it’s different for those of us that want to play with the Gears franchise and not play the same old turd with a shotgun!


Well I think the mode is a brand new turd, but this time with the Lancer and I don’t like having to play it for the daily task.

I still like the idea of having to earn power weapons through kills, but not that silly tuning.

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That’s why they give you a re-roll. No one is forced to play it :slight_smile:

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Sometimes you get a good amount of stars so I stomach it, but I take your point :slight_smile:

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Having Arcade non-existent is the most fixed it will ever get.


Yeah I won’t lie I’ve been playing gears since release of gears 1 and after 12 years of inconsistent shotgun work and rifles that do no damage, I was pretty bored of it all but arcade was actually a bit of fun (not the lag and bugs) just the context. Bit of playing around with who gets what weapons, maybe even make them load outs with the classes like horde so we can all play whatever character, and some fixes here and there and I think this can be q great mode type again. As currently the tuning for all other mode types is horrible. I get people don’t want the lancer to be overpowered, but when someone runs to a power weapon, you start firing before they pick it up, they then do the animation and run away still alive… you might aswell not give us rifles, they are genuinely pointless.


Truth is, the only reason i still played gears is because they brought the retro back and arcade mode was the only mode you could use it in as a starter. Needless to say, i - 100% won’t be playing the game until it’s fixed(arcade mode). I’ve been playing since the first gears, but i can’t stomach that p.o.s - lancer and am sick to death of the gnasher, they should at least make a mode for the retro. I specifically bought Clayton and Jermad for the retro-lancer, without it the game has no balance and is literally of no interest to me. I guess in the end they jokes on me, since they already have my money.

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Low player base and a LOT of bugs.
Like , a load. And a huge latency to spice it all.

Seriously , I liked that mode better than actual MP , but it was a glitch fest.
Overkill exploiters too.
I’m sad it’s gone , but … Really , that was terribly polished.

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