Arcade Classes Feedback

Random Class (JD/Drone) - this class is fine, except i always seem to get the same weapons when purchasing… e.g overkill/retro, shocks and cryo/mulcher… think it needs a bit more randomness lol.
Also, why is JD the random class instead of Kait?! The classes arent in the same order for Swarm/COG and its just annoying. Put them in the same order or switch them.

Grenadier class (Marcus/Grenadier) - The Enforcer in Arcade is OP, it’s literally 1/4 clip per kill, and allows for very easy access to multiple Gnashers. I think reducing the enforcers range should balance it. The spikey mace (forgot its name) is a pretty useless choice over the Gnasher aswell, especially when you have to get close to people to use it while everyone has high powered rifles.

Sniper class (Fahz/Sniper) - The kills required for the longshot need extending, with the ability to get 2 eliminations for 1 headshot just allows multiple players to abuse this class and effectively camp the rest of the game. Along with the new Aim-Assist popping heads has become incredibly easy!

Heavy class (Del/Scion) - Barely anyone uses this class and for good reason… the weapon choice is terrible with the sniper class always on the lookout it just makes this class the easy target. I think the weapon choice should changed, maybe have the Buzzsaw @3 kills, along with the Boomshot @5 kills and the salvo/Mulcher @7 kills.

Hunter class (Kait/Hunter) - I feel like this class is fine in my opinion, it just gets out shined by the other classes at the moment.

Further to this, what will happen in the full game. Will we be forced to choose a class by character, or can we still use our own character and just pick a class? Either way they need to be in the same order for both teams - even though its a minor issue.

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