Apparently they didn't remove the Dailies associated with Arcade

Just got a “Win 5 Arcade matches” on my Dailies. I can either use my free reroll there (and hope not to get another Arcade thing) or just forget about Versus Dailies. -_-


Nope. I tagged Sera in another thread asking about this and whether they can remove this daily objective. Hopefully they can. I have one of those sitting there too.

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that change might require a Title Update. so maybe not soon. lol

I bet the decision to remove Arcade was made after the TU went for MS Certification. so it couldn’t be fixed in time

Shocker. No one saw that coming.


Big facepalm.


Funny how players speculated this would happen before the update… Heavy Sigh

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They should just change the vs and pve challenges to any mode challenges for people who actually use the install manager if they don’t like certain modes

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Or just change it to a general “win 3 versus matches” so it can be done in Versus AI. I much prefer those ones instead of having to play very specific modes like Arcade, or 2 vs 2.

I know there is an objective which involves a very general “versus” thing, which I think is fine. Just get rid of the specific ones.

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Wish I’d known they’d done this before using my reroll. I typically do the Horde/Escape daily and then the two general dailies first, reroll a general daily, then do the versus. Since I got a Win 3 Arcade Matches, I was saving it for last, only to discover this SNAFU. Great Job breaking it, TC.