Apparently there are some honest people that still plays this game

TOO honest if you ask me lol. Has this ever happened to any of you? A couple of times for me but this was the funniest one because 3 guys were thinkin oh you got this kill, oh this is your kill, I better not touch it, or they just all got really distracted by the Dizzy comin to my rescue. I almost thought I was glitch-dead, but more like luck-based distraction and the little, if any, honesty/integrity left in this game.

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Haha wow it’s like they just forgot about you completely. I try not to take kills but if no one kills the person then I will. I wish people got distracted like this when I’m down


I try not to take anyone’s kill/down if at all possible but accidents do happen. I apologize and move on. If they’re around when I down the next, I let them take it, only fair.


Yeah but in a Ranked game, I would rather risk taking the kill right away than to wait and hope that the other guy gets it because if he doesn’t and he gets killed, the downed dude gets a free pass. I do that for the same reason that I would expect my own teammates to do the same thing and I wouldn’t even mind at all. The way I see it, if you really want to win ranked, the team has to kill/clean up together than worrying about stepping on each other’s toes, so to speak.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I went the dropshot route in the clip, I should just have kept going to the ring because I didn’t realize 3 guys were going to spawn at the drop. I should have been dead based on my bad reflex decision I made, which even made this clip more funny, I guess.


Totally agree with you. That’s why most of the time I tend to say “take the kill” when I either know I’m too far away to kill (Execution) or playing the objective (KOTH).

I don’t like to touch other people’s downs but if I see people staring indecisively for more than 3 seconds, I’ll clean it up so that we get moving to the next target.

I’ll share a funny story about about this working against t-baggers. I was last man standing and got downed by opponents who wanted to taunt and mock. Well, after an ugly little show they couldn’t decide who was going to finish me and it gave me sufficient time to get back up and clutch the match.

Lots of play nice. I dont take kills or tbag. Some ppl play because the enjoy gow

Yea I play because I enjoy gow. But it doesn’t seem like many people play just to enjoy the game anymore it’s kinda sad imo

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I try not to take kills but honestly when the match is moving it happens. I really dont care all that much if my kills get stolen, Im in it for the team victory.

I hate though when you accidentally take someones kill and they just chainsaw around you and throw their smokes. Like relax its one kill, if it means that much to you than get better. Who cares about one kill if you get like 20.